COVER BAMBI LASHELL Model, Beauty Queen and Philanthropist


Model, Beauty Queen and Philanthropist



MIHM-Tell us a little bit about you. Where are you from and what inspired you to pursue a
career in the entertainment industry?
BL-California born and raised. From the Bay Area to San Diego to Los Angeles, moved to
Vancouver for a few years and now residing in Arizona. Funny enough, I was pushed into a
swimsuit pageant, which turned into more, winning multiple titles and sending me to photographers,
magazines, and all kinds of media attention. After shooting multiple magazines,
calendars and advertisements, I was inspired to make myself my own brand and went on to
publish the Bambi Lashell swimsuit calendar; that went worldwide. During that time, I was
asked to co-host on Playboy radio and appeared on multiple television shows. Throughout all
the modeling, radio and travel, I continued my favorite job as a ring card girl for televised
boxing, kick boxing and MMA. I think just the excitement of something new every day and so
many amazing opportunities gave me the motivation to keep pushing for more. Didn’t hurt
that I was being paid to travel the world.
MIHM-You are a model, beauty Queen and a radio host, what makes your heart beat
BL-I guess I crave new experiences. I stay excited about the simple things in life, like a yummy
meal, a lazy day at home, a sporting event or a beautiful sunset. But what really excites me is
doing almost anything new. If I haven’t done it, tried it, been there or seen it, then it excites me
to find out. I believe life is about experiences and I get excited trying to get as many as I can.
MIHM- You have been nominated for the 2019 Woman of the Year for the Leukemia and
Lymphoma Society, LLS. Tell us about it.
BL-Yes! I am so honored, as this was a surprise and a challenge for me. I’ve always spent my free
time doing volunteer work for all kinds of organizations behind the scenes.

Being recognized in a community that I’m new to has given me the chance to meet amazing people and really push myself in an area into which I haven’t yet ventured. To keep it even more exciting, I am part of a fundraising competition for a 10-week period, which began March 21 and ends on June 1, 2019. All the donations I raise go 100% toward blood cancer research. I’ve been learning all about these cancers and how many of us are affected, which has definitely made this a passion project for me. I mean, did you know that every 3 minutes someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with a blood cancer? It’s heartbreaking! With so many of my family and friends having been affected by these cancers, it definitely adds fuel to my fire to want
to continue this fight in helping to save lives. You have an opportunity to help me by donating to my Woman of The Year campaign that goes to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I send everyone who donates through my link a personal thank you email. I’ll post the link along with my social media information at the end of this interview. For those of you who want to help by donation, I send you my biggest hugs and most sincere thank
you! Together we can make a difference.


MIHM-Define what success means to you?
BL-Success can mean so many things. I have had so many experiences in my life that a lot of people call success. I have been on all-star teams in sports, I have won pageants and contests, I have had much more than I needed in my bank account and a career that took me around the world in a celebrity lifestyle. I have accomplished so many goals I have set out to conquer, which are all reasons to feel that my life has been very successful. But personally,
I would think success to be a state of mind in a place of peace. Having gratitude for what you have, where you are and making the absolute best of
just that.
Having gratitude in the smallest of things allows you to feel true happiness and I have found my true happiness in being a mother. Knowing I do the
best I can at the hardest ‘job’ there is, makes me feel blessed and strong and empowered.

MIHM-What do you think about the current situation in the country and what would you think you can do to change it or to make it better?
BL-Wow, there are just so many “situations” in the country. Where, exactly, would anyone start? There are many wonderful and positive things going on, and there are also a lot of negative things that should change. Welcome to dealing with humankind, right? I like to keep my faith and hope that people eventually come around to do the right things, but also, I am not naïve, and I am aware that it’s only myself that I have control over. With that control I choose to be the best person I can and to help others when I am able. If more of us could be less self-centered and more giving and caring, then less of us would need help and we would be stronger as a country. But, of course, reality is what it is and, as I said, I can only do my part. I choose to be a mother raising a strong gentleman. I try to be someone who is kind and caring toward others, someone who tries to inspire and motivate others in the most positive of ways, and someone who gives back any chance I can, like currently through my cancer fighting fundraiser to help save people’s lives.

MIHM-Who have been your biggest mentors in your career?
BL-It’s always a tough question for me because in most of my ventures I was paving my own path. Of course, there have been many people who I will forever be thankful for being supportive and for their efforts and motivation throughout my journey. There were many times though, I wished I had someone as a mentor to ask questions before I made my choices. I became really good at paying attention to everything around me to make mental notes of what worked for people and what didn’t, and why. How things were done from the ground up and what seemed to be missing in whatever categories. Doing all that was how I came into creating, designing, printing and marketing my own calendar business for years. I think I was just always driven by making more money and taking opportunities for more experiences; I love to learn. I always wanted to have fun in what I was doing and prove that even when I was what people called “just a model”, that I was finding ways to use my brain, character and talents, and prove I was so much more than that. I feel pretty confident in the choices I have made throughout my life and career to lead me to who I am today.

MIHM-What other projects are you working on right now?
BL-Currently I am working hard on a fundraising competition toward blood cancer research through The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) as a nominated Woman of the Year candidate. This is a brand-new volunteer venture for me, so it’s exciting and has been a main focus right now. First and foremost though, I never stop being a mother to my little boy I call my “gentleman in the making”. On top of all, I have been involved with a company called The Legends Group who is a sports and entertainment marketing company with a charity division, which acquires silent and live auction items and experiences for large events and galas that benefit different charities around the world. As if all this wasn’t enough, I’ve been organizing my home office into an online store to begin selling new and hardly worn clothing and accessories. It’s an awesome opportunity to offload and work from home with my little guy. Busy boss babe always, tee-hee!


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