Hailing from Hyderabad, India, Reema Khan​ the CEO and Founder of REEMA Beauty, RMLA, and s•h•a•p•e•s Brow Bar had an aspiration to come to the United States to seek her goals in the beauty industry. With a one-way ticket and a vivid dream she planted her feet in the Windy City of Chicago, IL. She began her career in the multi-billion dollar beauty industry at the age of 24. The hardworking and ambitious Reema got her start by practicing the rare art of eyebrow and face threading. A large and prestigious clientele hastily recognized her perfected and astonishing eyebrow threading skills. Reema’s talent led her to be one of the top eyebrow specialists in the Chicagoland area.

Reema Khan remarkably went on to break into the Guinness Book of World Records by threading the eyebrows of 53 people in one single hour non-stop. Reema used this platform to bring awareness to domestic violence in communities. This groundbreaking moment was a vast accomplishment for her and an honor to be in the Guinness Book for generations to come.

Throughout her thriving success, an idea was born and Reema was driven to help transition the beauty industry around the globe by establishing her own brow bar brand, s•h•a•p•e•s Brow Bar,​ in 2003. The journey to opening her first brow bar was not smooth sailing however. As the eyebrow and face threading technique, a traditional method used in the Middle East, India and China, was not taught in cosmetology schools within the U.S.

Despite the numerous impediments presented to Reema, her initiative and desire to transform the beauty industry kept her motivated, opening her first s•h•a•p•e•s Brow Bar​ at a local mall.

She began to personally teach women how to exercise the threading formula. As a mother and a wife, Reema’s heart began to connect with the women she taught. She created several jobs within her company for women who were in troubled and abusive relationships, recently divorced, or single mothers. With a staff of over 500 employees and counting, no woman was left behind.

Reema’s decision to open her s•h•a•p•e•s Brow Bar in local malls stemmed from the fact that women would travel at a long distance for their eyebrow and beauty maintenance. Her goal was to create convenience to the modern day woman. Reema consulted with her husband, Mosin, and collectively they saw a huge opportunity in placing the s•h•a•p•e•s Brow Bar within malls to target customers who frequently came to shop. Which would in return increase their sales.

Since opening her first brow bar in 2003, the company has expanded tremendously with over 75 locations throughout the United States, operating in seven different states.

Reema is very hands on with the progression of her brand and has expanded her business by starting a franchising program, which is available in 15 locations across the United States. She provides startup support through the program, which includes assistance choosing the location, branding, marketing support, training, staffing, and hiring.

Reema’s mission furthered as she developed her charity Feeding the Beauty Within​ focused on battling world hunger. 1 in 5 children suffer from hunger within America and 1 in 4 children around the world suffer from malnutrition. Reema’s charity foundation strives daily to provide clean water, healthcare, food, and education for children. Unlike many other charity organization and food banks, Feeding the Beauty Within does not receive government assistance. Instead, Reema has made a deliberate decision for proceeds to be derived from REEMA Beauty purchases and donations only.

As Reema Khan continued within the beauty industry she became more conversant and aware of beauty products women and some men use on a daily basis. Advancing her to develop her own cosmetic line, REEMA Beauty, ​in 2009.

Her concept of merging the bold culture of her native land and the pursuit of emboldening women to thrive and embrace their own beauty has grown into a cosmetic line that truly celebrates women. Reema prides herself and her brand for not being tested on animals all while keeping her products affordable to the consumers.

REEMA Beauty is made for all skin types and shades. The cutting-edge beauty collection has a range of products for the face, lips, cheeks, eyes, and brows. Over the years REEMA Beauty has developed a positive repertoire that is raved about by the likes of top beauty editors, artist, celebrities, and beauty influencers.

Most recently she has gone on to expand her brand by opening RMLA ​that is a one-stop shop beauty transformation station, providing expert threading, makeup, lash extensions, hair styling, as well as REEMA Beauty products. RMLA is the unicorn of the beauty industry by offering affordable membership monthly packages. Reema is a strong believer in allowing creativity to thrive within the workplace, which is why she has created a team to help enhance beauty and practice the latest trends at an affordable price. RMLA understands that the correct products, services, and intelligence will provide clarity and confidence to the modern day woman.

REEMA Beauty, RMLA, and s•h•a•p•e•s Brow Bar are continuously growing into an in demand household name. The continuous success has launched the company in many states throughout the U.S. The growth is not limited, as Reema is a result-oriented entrepreneur and aims at growing her vision to see her business flourish and multiply to many other locations nationwide. Reema aims to continue to grow as an international brand aimed to uplift and support all women

MIHM-Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you are from and what inspired you to pursue a career in the beauty industry?
RK-I am from India. Hyderabad. Beauty was my passion from childhood. When I came to the USA I saw that there was so much to contribute in the beauty industry from my rich Indian Heritage. I was inspired to share age-old beauty tips and culture. I started my journey from working out of a basement. Slowly my popularity grew and I opened my very first salon on Devon Ave which was barely an 800 sq. ft. shop tucked away in a corner.

MIHM – You are the CEO and founder of SHAPES BROW BAR, tell us about it.
RK-Shapes Brow Bar was built with my blood, sweat, and tears… it took lot of sacrifices and long, long hours on my feet working non-stop…7 days a week for several years without a single day of vacation. I didn’t want to work for anyone but myself. I wanted to build my business on my own terms and America gave me both the platform and the opportunity. I wear different hats in the company.

MIHM – Your company is the world’s No. 1 eyebrow threading destination, tell us why.
RK-Shapes is the pioneer for shaping brows (Threading and make-over). It is the very first company that came into the market beating all of the odds. It’s the number 1 eyebrow destination because we serve many people a day in our Shapes locations. On an average we do 1,600 eyebrows per day, and 584,000 per year.

MIHM – Define what success means to you?
RK-Success means to achieve goals I set for myself, which means planning and implementation. Success to me is also a fight for women who have been oppressed by their partner by intimidation or with physical force. We started our own charity called “Feeding the Beauty Within” where we reach out to these victims and help boost their self-confidence.

MIHM – You are a Guinness World Record holder, tell us about it.
RK-I was surprised by two lovely employees AJA and TARA. We were set to have a booth at a LA Women’s convention center to sell our beauty products and threading services…my girls suggested we use this platform to raise domestic violence awareness and in the process, break a Guinness World Record. There was a team from London that monitored the whole process. There were women from the convention standing in line to get their brows threaded as I was headed to break the record. The crowd was cheering my name and people were sitting in my chair to get the brows done. Soon after being serviced, they had to go to the witness appointed by the team of Guinness to ok the service. That would then be counted as one service. In that manner I finished servicing 53 people in one single hour non-stop. It was the most amazing moment of my life. It’s an honor to have my name in that book for generations to come.


MIHM – Tell us about the services your company provides.
RK-We offer variety of services. We operate as a full service salon in some shops and some makeover bars where we shape brows and style hair, do lash extensions, and sell our makeup line, Reema Beauty.

MIHM -Who have been your biggest mentors in your career?
RK-My business partner Mosin and my boys, Afaan and Danyal, who have been my mentors on different levels.

MIHM -What other projects are you working on right now?
RK-I am working building my Brand Reema Beauty.

MIHM -How can people reach you.,
www.Reema-beauty .com
Instagram: Reema_khan_La
Shapesbrowbar (Official)

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