Movie star, husband, father, brush with death survivor and
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Even before becoming one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2016, at the age of 37, Chris Pratt knew he would be “famous and make a sh- ton of money.” That’s exactly what he said to his high school wrestling coach in his hometown of Lake Stevens, Washington, after placing fifth in a state tournament. He recalls that at the time he had no idea how that would happen, as he had done “nothing proactive.” Fast-forward twenty years to Pratt enjoying an enviable career that has grown from television roles to starring in some of the biggest blockbusters of the last few years. It ‘s almost as if he knew that moving to Hawaii at 19, after a short stunt as a stripper, would be the key to launching one of Hollywood’s most storied rags to riches stories. And yes before fighting for his life as a superhero on screen, Chris Pratt had some practice after coming close to death during a fishing trip. First, a little on his most recent work and accomplishments.

In his latest film Guardians of the Universe Vol. 2 Chris Pratt portrays Peter Quill, a superhero on a quest to discover his real parentage alongside his newfound family while also fighting to stay together. With Pratt as the lead character and garnering rave review, the second installment of the Guardians franchise has grossed $763,415,927 worldwide to date, with a trilogy practically a guarantee. But Pratt reached leading man status in 2014 due to the huge popularity of two commercial films: the computer animated comedy The Lego Movie and the first installment of the Marvel Studios film Guardians of the Galaxy. And now with the sequel, he has further solidified his status as bona-fide mega movie star, a position he first reached in 2015 starring in his most successful film to date, Jurassic World, which earned 1.6 billion at the box office. The following year Pratt continued his upward climb with The Magnificent Seven and Passengers starring opposite Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence.

It is almost unbelievable to think that at 19 years old the Minnesota native had no idea what he would do with his life. He had quit college and was living the high life as a pot-smoking beach bum after buying a one-way ticket to Hawaii where he also had a horrifying brush with death. Pratt was fishing in turbulent and dangerous waters of the Three Sisters rock point when he was swept by a set of waves. Surrounded by water with no land around him feeling the weight of the ocean pulling him in, he recalls thinking that the he would surely die swallowed by the sea. Luckily he was able to grab hold of the lava of the rock point and climbed up the wall. A few months later, lady luck would strike again when one day while working at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant in Maui he had the opportunity to wait on actress and director Rae Dawn Chong. She cast him in her directorial debut, the short horror film Cursed Part 3 and the rest as they say is history.


is next role was playing Harold Brighton “Bright” Abbot on the WB drama series Everwood but one of the biggest breaks came in 2011 when he was cast as Oakland Athletics first baseman/catcher Scott Hatteberg in the film Moneyball, a role that he had to do some loosing before he could get. Initially he was told that he was too fat for the role, so he lost 30 lbs. and got the part. Pratt attributed the weight gain to his then girlfriend and now-wife actress Anna Faris’ amazing cooking. But that wasn’t the only time that Pratt had to take drastic measures for a character. He has gained and lost weight for a few roles proving to possess a true dedication to his craft. Considering his trajectory from homeless in Hawaii to Hollywood stardom, Chris Pratt’s story is living proof that a temporary lack of direction can actually lead to incredible results.

Pratt lives in Hollywood Hills with his wife of 8 years, Anna Faris and their four-year-old son Jack. For his next projects, Pratt will reprise his role as Owen Grady in Jurassic World for the untitled sequel and is in the process of filming Avengers: Infinity War both to be released in 2018.

Article by Laura Patti

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