MIHM: Tell us a little about yourself, where are you from and what inspired you to pursue a career in music and acting?
DM: I was born on September fourth in Beirut, of Lebanese descent. A little curious fact about me is that even though I have no brothers or sisters, at the age of 14 I felt inspired to write a children’s book titled ‘Twins Secret Story.’ And even though I wrote the book for kids; it became popular among teens and adults as well. It was even selected to give to students as a “leer de vacance” or summer reading material.

The popularity of my book, which sold successfully in stores for two years, also fueled my desire to pursue another career that was always close to my heart. I have always been a music lover. I was singing at all summer festivals in my home country and I have been on stage since I was 12 years and I continue to perform to this day. But my career as a professional singer and actress took off officially in 2003 when I stared in the theatrical play ‘Danielle de Barbabarak’ between 2002 and 2003. I have worked my way up from the bottom which is something my fans know well. One of the driving forces in my life has been my belief in the pursuit of dreams. I really believe that the whole world is open to us as long as we work for it. I usually write my own lyrics and compose my own songs; and I give my opinion in the arrangements as well but I don’t mind listening to other songs or poetries and if I like it, I might sing material from other poets and composers.    

“No Quiero” and “La Mosh Aayza” are my good luck songs and they represent a tremendous leap forward in my career. I like to use a variety of rhythms and sounds in my songs. Turkish, Greek, Middle Eastern rhythms are incorporated as well as several styles like pop, rap, house, and so many others. At this moment in my life, I want to surround myself with music and musicians who are interested in creating new and unique sounds. I want to create magic with my double album “DONA MARIA.”

The Spanish versions of my songs “Puedo Olvidar,” “Palabras,” “Mi Vida,” “Te Amo Mi Amor,” and my latest release “Escucha Mi” which was released in March of this year; as well as the Arabic versions “Kedah Hansak,” “Kalam Keteer,” and “Esmanni” are very special songs lyrically and musically for me. My new songs are from my latest experiences in life and hold messages and deep meaning. I would love to ask my fans from around the world to listen well to the Spanish and Arabic versions to get the meaning and I’m sure they will.

MIHM: Tell us about your name Dona Maria where it comes from?
DM: The name Dona Maria comes from the Brazilian and Spanish muse of the theater.

MIHM: Dona Maria, from your songs and videos we can see that there is an aggressive aspect to your character and yet at times you show sweetness and vulnerability; which one is the real you?
DM: The answer is a little bit of both. I can be very sweet, loving and sexy. I can also be aggressive and strong as I define my own boundaries. I’m honest and I love people and hope they love me as I am. I hope they see an honesty in me which is ultimately the real me. And I hope it’s the me that comes through in my voice, my music and my lyrics.

MIHM: You are a singer, actress, composer and writer, which one makes your heart beat faster?
DM: All of it makes my heart beats faster but in different ways. Being in direct contact with people makes me feel happy especially when I feel people’s love and that they appreciate the artistic pieces that I’m sharing with them on stage while singing or acting. As I mentioned before, I worked on a theatrical play for one year, which by the way has also been airing on television, that opportunity also gave me direct contact with people by acting and singing on stage. Writing and composing music and recording songs in the studio are totally different experiences. The process of writing material means that I have to sit with myself and think about what I have gone through and what others have gone through so that my songs can be written with passion. It’s important for my songs to reach people’s hearts while also uplifting them, especially if they are going through a rough time.

I don’t like too much drama and tragedy. Yes, it’s normal to go through periods of mixed feelings in life but I want my lyrics to be a voice for dealing with them and getting through difficult circumstances. That’s what I want to convey with my voice, lyrics and music and that was my idea since I was a little girl. I love songs that have deep meanings but not the ones that make us feel sad and make us cry. I want my voice to uplift and empower us to fight anything that makes us feel down in any way such as family, work or love.

MIHM: How do you see yourself and your success in show business and in your career?
DM: For me, true success means showing depth and sensitivity but that doesn’t mean drama or crying most of the time or being negative in our lives or others. What’s important for me also in regards to real success is my individuality. Being like everyone else scares me to hell, with all due respect to all, but I don’t like to be like anyone else artistically or even in my private life.

One more thing I’d like to add about myself and it’s something that makes me feel really strong is that I have an unusual strength in my life that comes from being a real believer in Jesus Christ.

MIHM: What would you be doing if you weren’t involved in show business?
DM: Well you know something… when the Lord has blessed you and you were born with a precious gift, he’s not doing this for no reason. I don’t think that we should let go of that precious gift and go to do something else in life. Instead, we should use this gift and work on it to shape and hone our talents with experience and hard work. I think it’s important to embody our talents while being grounded and to share it with people. I don’t think we should frustrate the people that surround us but to convey a sense of joy and satisfaction full of confidence.

I strongly believe in instilling in others the sense that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and that’s what I’m trying to do. But I also want to mention and highlight the importance of education. I’m an educated person. Yes, I’m an artist but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t see the importance of an education so I decided to graduate from college. And I’m also certified as an interior and graphic designer. However, at the moment all my attention goes to my career as a professional artist and now I’m also focusing on the launch of my new production and managing company “DM the NO music.”

MIHM: What other projects are you working on right now?
DM: At the time being, I am working on my new songs. My time is consumed between composing, song writing and recording in LA to finish my new Album “Dona Maria” this year and to release it physically and digitally in stores.

MIHM: You sing in Spanish and Arabic, what made you decide to start singing in Spanish?
DM: Let me tell you something about music. Music is an international passport that is not limited by boundaries. I record all my songs in two completely separate versions one in Arabic and another one Spanish. And now I’m including some English to my songs as well. Another reason why I sing in Spanish has to do with my heritage. My mother’s family is Lebanese Brazilian and they speak both Portuguese and Spanish so I have been influenced by languages my whole life. I also sing in Italian and French in my concerts. I am truly a multilingual artist.

MIHM: Who have been your greatest mentors in your career?
DM: Everyone who’s successful have been mentors in my career and even in my life and I think that’s more than enough to guide your path in life.

MIHM: How can people reach you, do you have social media, etc.?
DM: All my fans around the world who like Dona Maria can reach me through social media on:
Twitter/ @donamariafans
Instagram/ @donamariafans
New Vevo/YouTube channel/donamariavevo
Official Website/
Company Website/

Anyone interested in writing to us can send messages and we will reply to all messages with much love.



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