SANTANA RODRIGUEZ TV Host, Fitness Champion & Cover Model


TV Host, Fitness Champion & Cover Model 




MIHM-Tell us a little bit about you, where are you from and what inspired you to pursue a career in the fi­tness and entertainment industry?

SR-I am from Buff­alo, but now reside in Los Angeles, CA. I was born in Puerto-Rico. My ethnicity consists of being half-Puerto-Rican and half-Brazilian.

What inspired me to pursue a career in the entertainment industry was my love for acting. I wanted to become a sitcom actress. I acted in high school and ended up doing many plays when I arrived in LA. As far as fitness, I fell into it. I had a friend talk me into joining my first competition. When I did, I took 3rd place in my class, which motivated me to continue, eventually taking a national title. My dad, who had type-2 diabetes and lost his legs through 2 amputations, was the ultimate driving force that compelled me to learn everything I could about exercise and nutrition to help him and others that were going through the same. I want to help people, so they don’t ever experience what my dad went through. It was heart-breaking! He is no longer here today; however, my fitness television show is dedicated in loving memory to him.

MIHM-You are an actress, model, TV Host and fi­tness and health advocate, witch one makes your heart beat faster?

SR-They all make my heart beat. I have a complete love and passion for creativity and they all incorporate that.

MIHM-Tell us about your ­fitness show “Shaping Up with Santana”

SR-My fitness television show “Shaping up with Santana” is an exercise show that caters to individuals that don’t have the time or money to get to a gym, but want to incorporate activity and movement in their busy schedules. You can watch it live on

MIHM- How do you see your acting career in 5 years, and which actors and directors would you like to work with?


SR-In 5 years, I see myself producing more television shows. As an actress, I would love to work with directors such as Tyler Perry, Alejandro Iñárritu, Nick Cassavetes and, of course, my favorite of all, Steven Spielberg.

MIHM-De­ne what success means to you?

SR-Success to me means reaching a level where you can be the best version of “you” physically, mentally, spiritually and financially within your own comfortable means.

MIHM-What do you think about the current situation in the country and what would you think you can do to change it or to make it better?

SR-I believe our country’s current situation is in a state of emergency. I’ve never seen so much hate spread amongst each other. I believe that to make it better we need to promote love. It’s a responsibility within each and every one of us to do it. Stop the hate crimes, stop the bullying on social media, be kinder to one another, give back and take a stand on making changes. Take part in organizations that better children, the sick, and the less fortunate. In conclusion, our government has been the worst example of leadership. If our congress can’t even get it together on both political sides, how can improvement in our country exist when they show no signs of partnership. It tears our nation apart both internally and externally.

MIHM-Who have been your biggest mentors in your career?

SR-My greatest mentors in my career are my parents and GOD.

MIHM-What other projects are you working on right now?

SR-I’m currently working on another follow up television show

MIHM-How can people reach you, do you have social media, website, etc.

SR-I can be reached through emailing me directly at

My website­t

Also if any of you would like to hire me for bookings, speaking engagements, or appearances and/or become a sponsor for my television show, please email me at

MIHM-What do you think about the lack of opportunities for minorities in Hollywood?

SR-This is a tough question to answer because I don’t feel it’s just minorities, but rather many talented artists of any color, race or creed, that don’t get opportunities. I think the lack of opportunities in Hollywood for artists in general needs to happen so that we could step up, become creative and build our own opportunities rather than wait for someone to give them to us. This means creating our own projects, television shows and ‑lms. There are so many talented people in the world that will never get that opportunity to be seen or heard. Being an actress myself, I remember that feeling of working for peanuts, getting your SAG card and auditioning for casting directors waiting for an opportunity to be cast while being broke. I also remember how frustrating it was, having to wait for a job to be given to you. It was always, “if you don’t know the right people, forget about being discovered.” I didn’t let that get in my way. I wanted to take control of my own life, rather than the industry trying to control it. So I busted my butt and created my own opportunity. Check out

MIHM-If you could work with somebody you admire, celebrity, politician, musician, leader or anybody else, who would it be and why?

SR-I would say that I’m already working with who I enjoy working with. It’s an organization called the “Big Brothers Big Sisters club of Los Angeles” (BBBSLA) where I get to mentor and be a big sister to this darling little angel who is 8 years old. She brings me so much joy and I get the opportunity to help guide her in becoming a big success in her own life physically, mentally and spiritually.

MIHM-What do you like doing in your spare time?

SR-In my spare time, I love to travel. I love learning about deferent cultures, eating deferent foods and socializing with locals. It’s the only way to become cultured as an individual. I also love to trade stocks. I’m incredibly passionate about that. I’ve always been a risk taker, so I consider it a source of gambling in my life.

MIHM-Would you date a fan?

SR-I think dating a fan is like dating ourselves, especially on social media. We are all fans, somehow, because we are all following somebody. Sorry, had to throw that in.

MIHM-Who is your celebrity crush?

SR-My celebrity crush was always Rick Springfield. I got to meet him twice this year, and it was my ultimate dream come true.

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