Director- Joss Gomez

Producers- Joss Gomez, Solecito Vazquez

TAGLINE When facing the most dangerous criminal is easier than facing your new partner

LOGLINE Two newly paired LAPD detectives who are complete opposites must put aside their differences in order to rescue the captain’s daughter who was kidnapped by the city’s most wanted mutant criminal.

Deferred, credit, copy, space on an entertainment magazine, guaranteed paid role on our next movie.



MARC VALENTINE (Lead)  Hispanic, 30-40 The number one homicide detective in Los Angeles, crazy, thinks he still lives in the 80s, lives alone with his loyal cat.  Drinks wine and eats a lot all the time, like to work alone, lived in the most dangerous LA area when young, motivation finish case fast to not see his partner anymore. Wants to make a difference, great with guns and great fighter, smart, confident, loves women, confused with life, 80s wear, hates criminals and smokers.  Traits: Spanglish, 80’s attire, eats, drinks and smokes, like cats, crazy.

MURPHY JACKSON   (Lead)  African American, 30-40 The number one narcotics detective in Los Angeles, classy, smooth, educated, calm, has experience and follows the rules, married with kids. Doesn’t drink and picky with food. Likes to work alone, comes from a good family, law degree, wants to become LAPD captain, great with guns, not a great fighter, smart, confident, loves family values, wears nice suits and shoes, hates discrimination and people who drink and smokes. Traits: suits, shoes, classy, calm, uses relax word a lot, old gun, doesn’t like Marc.

MAYOR LITTLE SUN (Supporting)  Hispanic, 50-60 The Los Angeles City Mayor, professional, serious, respected.

PROFESSOR MALEVOLENT (Supporting)   30-40 The most wanted criminal in the City, orchestrated the police captain daughter kidnapping, evil, great fighter, good looking, and half robot, has a part time job as a porn actor. Smart, hates cops and loves violence. Traits: evil/funny, robot arm, crazy wardrobe, loves coffee.

CAPTAIN DUPREE (Supporting)   50-60 LAPD Captain, strict, tough, bad mouthed, bad temper but cool at the same time, his daughter is kidnapped and that is the only important thing to him, he pairs Marc and Murphy to investigate and rescue his daughter. Family man, wants to retire soon. Hates everybody.

SARAH DUPREE CAPTAIN DAUGHTER   (Supporting)   7-12 Young, pretty, smart, student, live with parents, loves animals and want to be a police officer.

JACK WISE MENTOR   (Supporting)  Caucasian, 50-60 Retired detective due to injury, has a big family and has 2 jobs, he is Marc mentor and source of street information, older, wise, loves girls, good fighter, know everything and knows everybody.

MAXINE FLOWER MARC EX-GIRLFRIEND  (Supporting)  Caucasian, 25-35 Blonde, beautiful and sexy homicide detective, she was dating Marc but left him to date her new female partner, smart, still likes Marc and wants to help him, loves fighting and the MMI.

RICO MARC FAN  (Supporting)   20-30 The youngest detective in the department, Marc is his hero and want to be like him and wants to become his partner soon, fast learner, fanny, skinny, acts tough, likes to fight

AGENT SUFFERING (Supporting)   30-40 Professor malevolent right hand assassin, tough, never smiles, great fighter, good with guns, hates cops and wants to be the next most wanted criminal in the city. He already is in his native country.

STORE SHOOTER (Supporting)   Caucasian, 30-40 A Crazy racist man from  Texas comes to California to shoot immigrants, white, does drugs, loves guns, wants to “make America great”.

TONY DRUG LORD  (Supporting)  Hispanic, 40-50 The city number one drug lord, classy, rich, consumes his own product, powerful, everybody is looking for him and finally Murphy busts him and arrest him.

SEAN UBER DRIVER   (Supporting)  20-30 Funny young driver, he is a singer and needs the job to pay for his classes, follow rules by the book.

DIRECTOR   (Supporting)  Caucasian, 50-60 Funny, flamboyant, smart, talented, directs everything including porn, everything excites him, loves brown skin

PU FIGHTER (Supporting)   20-40, Short One of the top professor malevolent agents, great fighter, serious, tough, short but tough.

KONGO FIGHTER (Supporting)   African American  20-40, Tall One of the top professor malevolent agents, great fighter, serious, tough, tall and tough.

LYNN EXGIRLFRIEND GIRLFRIEND  (Supporting)  30-40 The new detective in the police station, she is muscular and tough, she starts dating Marc’s Ex-girlfriend Maxine and hates Marc. Everybody respect her for her looks.

LIEUTENANT GREEN  (Supporting)  Caucasian, 50-60 The most respected man in the force, serious, tough, experienced, doesn’t want to get killed because he is going to retire soon

STORE INJURED CUSTOMER  (Supporting)   20-40 Good citizen, family man, buying groceries for his family, has to face an active shooter.  Injured and fighting to survive.

DRUG LORD MEN (Supporting)  40-50 Tony’s top agents, protector, tough, good fighter

DETECTIVE ANDRADE ASSISTANT TO CAPTAIN   (Supporting)   30-40 Young, wants to get promoted to lieutenant, respect and help the captain, strict, smart, thinks she is the boos in the police station, walks like a rooster.

INFORMANT (Supporting)   Caucasian, 20-30 Works for Professor Malevolent, contact with other dealers.

ASIAN DETECTIVE PARTNERS (Supporting)   30-40 Cool detective partners, tough, experienced, give hard time to Marc and Murphy

TWINS DETECTIVE PARTNERS   (Supporting)   Caucasian, 30-40 Cool detective partners, tough, experienced, give hard time to Marc and Murphy

GAY DETECTIVE PARTNERS   (Supporting)   30-40 Cool detective partners, flamboyant, experienced, give hard time to Marc and Murphy

HOT DETECTIVE PARTNERS  (Supporting)  Caucasian, 20-30 Cool detective partners, tough, experienced, give hard time to Marc and Murphy


Apartment, nice view, big glass window

Store, outside and inside aisles with merchandise

Fancy office

Police station

Food drive through

House with pool

Parking lot private

Basketball court

Warehouse several floors


80s car

Police cars

Detective cars




80s attire




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