This is the story of a cute little cat that was adopted by a loving family who wanted to take him home to love him and to make him happy! They named him “Chikito”

Unfortunately for them this little cat was full of surprises and was not like all other cats, he was overwhelmingly lazy, dirty, mean, mischievous, and even a little perverted. He was too much to handle.

One day after he threw a party with his animal friends Chikito was drunk and the house was a mess, the family had enough and talked to him and told him that if he didn’t change and be a good cat they would take him back to the animal shelter. Chikito was confused and thought that everything he did was entirely normal and good for a cat, so after thinking about his future he decided to change and to become not just a good cat, but an extraordinary cat!

He starts doing only good things like: reading, exercising, cleaning, playing piano, etc. All positive things which would help him to become a good cat. One day his owner almost chokes to death and Chikito saves his life. He becomes the pride and joy of his loving family! And the hero of the movie!