Team of Two Movie



Director- Joss Gomez

Producers- Joss Gomez, Solecito Vazquez, Ricardo Miranda



The number one homicide detective, Marc Valentine (Joss Gomez), likes to work alone, but has to pair up with various, not so talented detectives, who will end up in the hospital, quitting, dead or betraying him. Marc is a little crazy, thinks he’s still in the 80s and has a DeLorean as his police car. Big Boss Tango (Marc Singer) is the most powerful criminal that has created a deadly virus that will cause a pandemic worldwide and plans to release it in Los Angeles and then sell the vaccine for billions of dollars, unless Marc can stop him. Professor Malevolent (Dr. Robert Rey) kidnaps Captain Dupree’s (Ken Davitian) daughter, to make things worse. Inspired by Marc’s father (Lorenzo Lamas) and under the guidance of Captain Johnson (Eric Roberts), Marc goes through all kinds of obstacles including epic fights, chases, slaps and a son appearing out of nowhere who will change his life as they try to get to know each other.  

Marc loves his parents, son, pet, girlfriend and his job, when he suddenly ends up in heaven God gives him a second change to go back to earth to find Big Boss Tango and stop him and save the world from this pandemic. 

“What Marc Singer had to say was incredible!”



Joss Gomez (Among Us, The Leather Man), Eric Roberts (The Expendables, The Righteous Gemstones),  Marc Singer (V, The Beastmanster), Lorenzo Lamas (Renegade, Jane the Virgin), Ken Davitian (Borat, Cobra Kai), Eugenia Kuzmina (Fury, Bad Moms), Keith Coogan (Toy Soldiers, Adventures in Babysitting), Dr. Robert Rey (Dr. 90210, On the road with Dr. Rey), Eliza Roberts (National Lampoon’s Animal House, Dr. Who), Joel Weiss (The Warriors, Another 48 Hrs), Motown Maurice (Snake outta Compton, Snowfall), Carlo Mendez (90210, Parks and Recreation) and more…


Joss Gomez

Ricardo Miranda

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Team of two movie, joss gomez, solecito vazquez, magicimage productions, motown maurice
Team of two movie, joss gomez, solecito vazquez, magicimage productions, motown maurice