His contact list makes the Epstein list look like a baby shower party.

Feared by Authorities. Treated as a Celebrity by the Celebrities. Respected by Criminals.


“In the underworld’s heart, Red Devil, the celebrated mafioso, faces a life-altering choice: prevent a global catastrophe or protect his own. From the White House to the battlegrounds, he battles love, loyalty, and morality in a world teetering on the brink. ‘Red Devil’: A mafioso’s journey from crime to redemption.” 


In the pulsating world of crime, “Red Devil” reigns supreme as the most formidable mafioso, blending fear, respect, and a celebrity status that eclipses even the infamous. His opulent lifestyle, fueled by power and connections, thrusts him into a battle for control against rival mafias. Amidst the chaos, Red Devil discovers an unexpected love within his own gang. However, his life takes a seismic shift when he’s summoned to the White House by the President of the United States. 

The President tasks Red Devil with a daunting mission – to eliminate a Middle Eastern leader on the brink of unleashing a catastrophic world war. Complicating matters, Red Devil’s loyalty is tested when Armenians kidnap his brother. Despite initial reluctance, fueled by the persuasion of his girlfriend, Red Devil embarks on a perilous journey to the Middle East. As alliances fracture and betrayals unfold, the mission takes a disastrous turn, leaving Red Devil facing arrest upon his return to America. 

Determined to honor his word, Red Devil makes a fateful decision, plunging back into the heart of danger. A confrontation with the Middle Eastern leader and Armenian mafioso ensues, climaxing in a deadly explosion. Amidst the chaos, Red Devil grapples with morality, striking an unforeseen deal that reshapes his destiny. Honored by the President and given a hero’s send-off, Red Devil’s journey takes an unexpected turn as the President of Korea presents a new mission, propelling him deeper into a world of intrigue, sacrifice, and unsought heroism.