Las Garnachas: “The Beverly Hillbillies” meets “Keeping up with the Kardashians” meets “Modern Family,” with a tequila shot thrown in. LAS GARNACHAS is the story of a family living in East LA who travel to Las Vegas for vacation, they hit the multi-million dollar jackpot! After cashing out the fat prize, the Garnacha family decides to move to Beverly Hills and start a new life with their new lifestyle.

LAS GARNACHAS is a very eccentric, over-the top comedy television series, chockfull of pushing-the envelope-style humor, jokes of questionable taste, focusing on a newly wealthy Latin family living in the Beverly Hills where everybody wants to be famous at any cost, and make their “the Hollywood dreams” a reality. The show focuses on the personal and professional lives of the GARNACHA familia, mainly on the sisters: Giovana, Guille, Gina, and Gaby Garnacha; and their brother, Beto.

LAS GARNACHAS parents are also feature. Their names are Gloria Garnacha and Barry G., as well as Guille’s boyfriend, Bill. The family becomes owners of a very successful plastic surgery clinic called “Garnachas Nachas” managed by Dr. Robert Rey, their largest clients are actresses and models who want to look better and better every day regardless of looking fake and with Plastic faces, plastic boobs and plastic everything.

“Las Garnachas” is Directed by Joss Gomez, Created by Solecito Vazquez and Joss Gomez, Executive Producers Joss Gomez and Solecito Vazquez, Co- Producers Rene Patron, Joanna Kaplan, Suzanne Ferry, Ricardo Martinez, Oksanna Romanov, Vartan Vartanyan, Associate Producer Kevin Boot, Director of Photography Carlos Martin, Music by Isabelle Engman

CREATED BY Joss Gomez Solecito Vazquez