ON THE COVER Actress, Model, World Traveler and Feminist SHELLEY JANE

Actress, Model, World Traveler and Feminist SHELLEY JANE


Say hello to Shelley Jane: Maxim model, Playboy playmate, actress, entrepreneur, international traveler and feminist.

As you walk down the crowded streets of midtown Manhattan, you might notice a brunette that stands out among the crowd. Don’t let her good looks fool you. Shelley is an experienced and savvy business woman.

Shelley grew up in Granada Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles located in the San Fernando Valley, as the daughter of an electrician and registered nurse.

When she was 14, a scout from Ford Modeling Agency approached Shelley and her mother in a mall said the girl would be a great candidate for modeling. Shelley started taking on various acting and modeling jobs until a year later, when her parents divorced, and the family left the Los Angeles metro area.

As a young adult, Shelley moved back to Los Angeles, renting an apartment in West Hollywood and working towards a career in acting and modeling. She attended many star-studded events and parties. One of her favorite places was Hugh Heffner’s infamous Playboy mansion.

“I was Hollywood’s baby girl for sure,” Shelley remembers. “I went everywhere and knew nothing. Just wanted to have fun and make genuine friendships. I was happy helping people with their goals and making the right connections.”

Shelley eventually moved to New York. She enjoyed the change of scenery.

“New York is a very diverse, cultured city. With a ton of energy, a lot of things to go do and see. it’s a 24 hour a day city,” she says. “There are many great restaurants and bars. People are different here. They are very straightforward and that’s good when you’re trying to get down to business. There is a great nightlife too.”

Adds Shelley: “When I’m not working you can catch me, at the nearest Thai restaurant, hanging out at a club or at the gym.”

In 2017, Shelley landed a role in “The Doll” a horror film starring Valeria Lukyanova, the controversial real-life Barbie girl. The movie was directed and written by Susannah O’Brien, who Shelley absolutely loved. “I was so happy to have a female director,” she says.

Shelley had originally met Susannah at AFM, an industry conference where companies go to buy and sell movies. With the lack of opportunities for women in Hollywood, needing to be addressed – as well as gender discrimination, color, and pay – Shelley says she is happy to see women like Patty Jenkins, the director of ‘Wonder Woman,” fighting back.

“Patty has proven that women can drive box office attendance and profits just as well as their male counterparts,” Shelley says. “Everyone deserves the same amount of pay and respect for the same work regardless of gender, sexual preference or race. We need more women directors.”

Shelley’s career allowed her to travel to many places around the world, including Hawaii, Guam, Singapore, Bali, Thailand, Iceland, Paris, Rome, France, Italy, Aruba, Dubai, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and the Virgin Islands.

“I love seeing new places and meeting different types of people,” she says. “It keeps your eyes, mind and soul open to new experiences. I don’t think enough people get to travel and experience life as much as they should.”

Two years ago, Shelley wanted to make easier for people to travel internationally, so she founded tripszi.com, a social travel app that connects users with fellow travelers.

“I think if more people knew each other and connected to people with similar interest and maybe even had a place to stay, they would travel more,” Shelley says. “Also, I think in the long run, this would lead to more world stability in the future. I mean look at what just happened in Korea. Two countries that have been at war since 1950! They meet at the Olympics there is some good will and the leaders of those countries start talking and shaking hands. Then they suddenly announce the war is over! It may just be a start, but it sure it is a good start!”

The first version of Tripszi will be up in June. The Android apps and iPhone apps are not far behind.

“Traveling is what drives me, fills my soul, to be on the outside looking in,” she says. “It’s peaceful.”

Shelley sees success as “never giving up, doing what you love, making goals, accomplishing them, following your dreams, being happy, financial security, good values and relationships. Complete your goals and follow your dreams, never ever give up.”

Website: www.shelley-jane.com
Instagram: ShelleyJaneOfficial



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