Health, Wellness & Aesthetic Experts, The Best in Hollywood! Armine Tadevosyan Gevorg Adjian

Meet Health, Wellness & Aesthetic Experts, The Best in Hollywood! Armine Tadevosyan Gevorg Adjian Let’s see what they are all about!

Concierge Health Care? Get Ready LA for Elevated Health, Wellness & Aesthetic Services All Under One Roof.

What if there was a health and wellness destination which catered to you as an individual with the same dedication as a five-star resort, a sanctuary of care and comfort with experts who work one-on-one with you to meet your unique goals? It’s not a fantastical too-good-to-be-true concept. In fact, this destination is located right here in Encino. NPMD is bringing a new, comprehensive approach to health and wellness which prioritizes catering to the individual with a concierge approach that elevates our expectations for what we should expect from our care providers.

Your One-Stop Shop for All of Your Needs.

And when we say comprehensive care, that may be an understatement. NPMD takes the ambitious approach of providing a vast array of services and care. Their healthcare services range from concierge home visits and preventative care to sports medicine, hormone therapy, palliative care and hospice, as well as podiatry, wound care and diagnostic testing and imaging. But they do not stop there. To truly provide an all-in-one, holistic approach, NPMD also offers wellness services such as weight management, herbal therapy, mental health support, and IV therapy. Beyond these health and wellness services, the practice also features boutique medspa procedures with a full array of high tech non-surgical aesthetic services.

We sat down with founders, Armine (Amy) Tadevosyan, FNP and Gevorg (George) Adjian, RN to learn more about their innovative approach recently launched to service patients throughout LA. They, along with NPMD’s medical director Stephen Carney, MD, pride themselves on getting to know each patient personally, to develop long-lasting relationships that recognize each person’s individuality and needs. Tadevosyan explains why Dr. Carney is such an asset to the team. “He has set the bar extremely high with his level of world class care. His background alone is beyond impressive. A Harvard Medical School graduate is where it started and from there, he forged a lifelong path of giving back to his community that far exceeds any medical professional I have ever encountered. He definitely is a doctor practicing from the heart.”

Tadevosyan, an MBA grad who completed her Master’s in Nursing and practices as a post-grad Family Nurse Practitioner, recognized early on in her medical career the demand for a more personalized form of care. “My core practice and commitment to restoring health in the community directed my interest in holistic care. I began overseeing every segment of healthcare and preventative medicine, always with a results-driven work ethic.”

Adijian’s experience complements Tadevosyan’s. As an licensed RN, his career in the medical field has spanned over two decades with expertise gained over years spent in the emergency rooms of Kaiser Permanente and Culver City hospitals. Beyond these intense environments, Adijian pivoted, first to cancer research and then hospice and end-of-life care, where he developed a true passion for individualized care and treating each patient as a whole person, rather than just as a collection of symptoms.

Your Individuality Matters to NPMD.

Together, Tadevosyan and Adijian look to elevate primary care, creating essentially a one-stop shop for all aspects of health, wellness and beauty, centered around a tailored approach based on an individual patient’s needs. “It has always been about identifying the needs of every patient without rushing or confining their care to a strict time allotment,” explains Tadevosyan. For any of us who have felt rushed in a doctor’s appointment, anxious to articulate all of our needs and concerns in a short period of time, sensing the clock is ticking, this is a refreshing approach.

Tadevosyan is passionate about working with each patient she cares for. She emphasizes the need for quality care for seniors, who often require more visits and can slip through the cracks within big medical systems. “I strongly believe that advocating patient safety for all patients, especially seniors, is truly important,” she explains. “It’s about analyzing medical compliance and providing long-term quality care. In turn, this leads to fewer emergency and urgent care visits. Our patients see that and feel at ease knowing that we’re by their side through it all.”

Adijian is passionate about bringing this same level of support and attention to the practice’s wellness and medspa services. “It’s essential to offer emotional support and individualized care, no matter the service or procedure,” explains Adijian. And he’s determined to extend this level of care to men, who are often overlooked by the beauty industry. For Adijian, it’s a personal goal to let men know that they too need to prioritize their health, wellness, and aesthetic needs.

From House Calls to Beauty High Tech As purveyors of customized care, the NPMD team prides themselves on providing first-class treatment options. Whether you require the latest skincare technology or at-home 24/7 medical care services, their team is ready to serve patients at all stages of life. The launch of NPMD brings to life in the grandest fashion the mission of fulfilling patients’ needs, which Adijian and Tadevosyan have spent their lives working to fulfill.

Tadevosyan sums up that purpose sufficiently, “Success, to me, is defined by the lasting impression we leave on our patients. Their reassurance, their trust, and their satisfaction in the services that we provide them. It really is about the difference we make in our patients’ lives.”

Learn more about NPMD by visiting, follow the practice on Instagram at @NPMD.1 or call the team directly at 818-533-8393.

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