Joss Gomez is an international award winner Producer and Director, also Entrepreneur/Publisher/Actor/Musician and lawyer born in Mexico City graduated from law school in Mexico City (UNAM) and also studied Communications in Texas (UTEP)

He started acting since he was 5 years old. He had to fill in for his younger brother and Magician Augusto Gomez after he got sick for a few weeks. Joss comes from a family full of artist and politicians.

He started getting roles in his native country of Mexico in classic Novelas such as Teresa with Salma Hayek, Quinceanera, Carrusel and more. After finishing his Law studies in Mexico City he moved to Las Vegas where he started going to auditions, and working in movies such as Oceans 11, Rush Hour 2, Scorpion King, etc, then he decided to move to Hollywood CA to pursue his acting career, he started working on TV Shows and Movies including The OC, Summerland, Shark, Providence, The X files, XXX State of the Union, etc.

He has worked along side the biggest movie stars in the world such as: Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Jackie Chan, George Clooney, William Shatner, The Rock, James Woods, etc.

Mr. Magic as he is also known, put his acting career on hold after launching The MAGIC IMAGE HOLLYWOOD MAGAZINE in 2010, and has become one of the top 4 Entertainment Magazines in Hollywood.

He also started producing red carpet Hollywood events in Los Angeles such as The Queen of Hollywood, Magic Image Hollywood Awards, beauty pageants, charity fundraiser events, movie premieres, etc.

On 2016 he Produced, Directed, Starred and Wrote the Sci-fi movie Among Us, now on Amazon Prime.

He suffered a heart attack on 2016 and started working with several heart foundations trying to touch and educate people about the number one killer in the world.

He Produced and Directed the comedy Television series called Las Garnachas, the movie Chikitito Meow having the privilege of working with the international movie star Mr. Chikitito.

On June 2022 he directed and starred in the action movie Team of Two along side, Marc Singer (V, The BeastMaster), Lorenzo Lamas, (Grease, Renegade), Eric Roberts, (The Dark Knight, The Expendables), Ken Davitian, (Cobra Kai, Borat), Robert Rey, (Dr. (90210), Keith Coogan, (Adventures in Babysitting, Toy Soldiers) and currently working on the SuperHero action movie THE LEATHER MAN!

joss gomez
Joss Gomez

Joss Gomez
Joss Gomez

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