Meet Artist, Actress and Model, Anastasia Schipanova

Anastasia Schipanova 

Meet Artist, Actress and Model, Anastasia Schipanova. Let’s see what is she all about.

MIHM-Tell us a little bit about you, where are you from and what inspired you to pursue a career as an artist and actress?
AS-Hello, I was born in Moscow, Russia. I love Moscow, it’s a bright city, but I’m traveling a lot at the moment, I have visited more than 55 countries. It’s inspired me well! We discover such incredible feelings with new fantastic places. There are two things that open me as an artist – people and adventures. I’ve been working as an actress for more than 10 years already. I love the process of creation. In front of the camera, we create another reality. But the most important for me is the way of art, Energy Abstract.

MIHM- You call your unusual and modern style of art Energy Abstract. Can you tell us why?
AS-Energy is the main point in our life. Life is energy. Energy Abstract means focusing on another side of life. I’m a professional psychologist and I use it a lot for creating energy portraits. It’s a huge pleasure to see how people get special feelings from my paintings, they can catch personal signals from their subconscious. Follow your imagination and create personal reality on energy abstract paintings.

MIHM- If you could work with somebody you admire, celebrity, politician, musician, leader or anybody else who would it be and why?
AS-Thank you for the very interesting question. I don’t have any idols, but some people have inspired me. I would say Madonna, because she is an openminded person and her energy portrait would be very impressive, full of colors. I like JLo as a person, she’s got so much life in her eyes. By the way, I was born on May 11th, the same day as Salvador Dali. We could make an interesting collaboration.

MIHM- You graduated as a teacher of psychology and psychologist, what makes your heart beat faster, Art or psychology?
AS-I would say Energy Abstract, that focuses on feelings in art. I live in the art world which is full of psychology. It always surrounds us. Psychological impulse is the king of contemporary. All new production that you see reflects with the power of now and psychology of people. Each generation becomes more and more clever. Of course, art and fashion add psychological vibes for the shows. You see, it’s not a separate thing – it’s one.

MIHM- You won the “Best Artist Of The Year” by Fashion TV Awards 2017, also the award “WOMAN ART” Woman’s Essence Show 2019, and the International Art Prize NEW YORK CITY 2020, tell us about your experience.
AS-Thank you. The award by Fashion TV was the first art award in my life. I was so happy and proud to get this avowal. I almost cried on the stage at the ceremony. It was such an emotional moment. You know, right after the celebration I caught strong feeling in my heart that my career as an artist got to a new level. “WOMAN ART” award by Musa International Art Space is my first international award and a big surprise at the same time.

It was so unexpected to be invited to the Women’s Essence Show accompanied by legendary Venetian Biennale (Pavilion Bangladesh). I always get many proposals via Instagram and Facebook, but very rarely answer. This time I said yes because I like the idea of women’s art where 70 women from different countries participate. It was an interesting experience. I didn’t expect to win the precious award. I only brought my painting “Eternity” to exhibit and was a little shocked to be chosen and awarded as one of the best woman artists in the whole world. The year 2020 is a really unusual year, especially for my career. I got the International Art Prize NEW YORK CITY 2020 and precious American Art Award “Top 60 Art Masters” by Art Tour International 2020 what makes me happy. I love America and I’m glad that my paintings have American attention. You are welcome to visit the video exhibition of the winners by Art Prize NEW YORK CITY 2020 which take place at the White Space Chelsea Gallery (555 W 25th St, New York, NY) in New York, from 31 August to 3 September 2021. I will be waiting for you there.

MIHM- How are you dealing with the quarantine and current pandemic?
AS-Oh, it’s a very strange time for all of us. I try to keep connected with my friends by phone. Only the most important meetings are face to face. It’s alright. A few months ago, I got a mail message from the Swiss company Art Screen TV, who offered me a contract for information support. It was exactly on time. They help me to show artwork in digital format around the world. This pandemic is the time to use the digital industry to show your product. We make online exhibitions on the biggest international art platform ARTSY. You can buy my paintings there. It’s the most comfortable way now.

MIHM- Define what success means to you?
AS-For me success and happiness are synonymous. To show something beautiful that people have never seen before is the most important thing for me as an artist. It’s a big pleasure to see how people from different countries and social levels love and understand my artwork. When I see my paintings on the walls of the most fantastic buildings it makes my heart warmer.

MIHM- What other projects are you working on right now?
AS-At the beginning of 2019 I opened the “Eternal Life” scientific and psychological art project that helps to make our life longer and more comfortable. I believe that people can live forever. But I will speak about that later.

MIHM- How can people reach you, do you have social media, website, etc.?
AS-You can follow me on my Instagram page an_schipanova and have a look at more information about me and my art on website
You are welcome to the world of Energy Abstract!

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