Meet Business Queen and Beauty Queen, Marilyn Choy!



Meet Business Queen and Beauty Queen, Marilyn Choy!

Awards and other Achievements:

Mrs. Classique Globe 2020
Mrs. Globe Best Family Values Award
Bay Area Metro Radio-Most Virtuous Mother Award 2015
Sing Tao YouTube TV – 2021 Chinese New Year Greetings
Chinatown Community Development Center – Saving Chinatown Singing Program
Self Help for the Elderly San Francisco – Charity Halloween Costume Party and
Celebrity Judge
ON LOK – Senior Care Center San Francisco – Charity Fashion Show
Asian American Cancer Support Network – Hat Walk Charity Fashion Show
San Francisco Chinese Newcomers Service Center – Charity Concert and Fashion Show
Oakland Lions Club – Sponsored Charity Singing and Appearance
Stop Asian Hate Campaign – Recording a song called “WE ARE ONE” for Sony National

I am Malaysian Chinese and my hometown is Penang, Malaysia. I was born into a poor family with five siblings. When I was born, my parents were thinking of giving me up for adoption. My eldest sister stopped them and gave up her education at only ten years old in order to raise me herself. She sacrificed everything and instilled so much loving kindness in me.

She taught me how to love unconditionally and inspired me to give back to society. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. She passed away in 2011 from cancer but she still lives on in my heart.

Although I’ll never be able to fully repay her, I carry her torch and strive to be the kind and compassionate person that she taught me to be. I hold myself to the highest standards of integrity, credibility, honesty and empathy.

My husband, Phillip Choy, is a significant part of my life. Two years after we met in 1980, I immigrated to the United States. He has been my biggest supporter since the very beginning, and was by my side for the full duration of pageant week.

He was graciously awarded the Mrs. Globe Husband of the Year Award, and deserves every part of it. I also have one loving son (and personal chef), Christopher, who recently graduated from law school.

I have developed a prominent career and reputation as a Finance Manager at Mercedes-Benz, and possess more than two decades worth of industry experience. My most notable skills are in negotiation, business planning, coaching, and sales.

My hobbies include hosting lively gatherings for friends and family, singing, interior decorating and cooking. I’m also very passionate about volunteering for charity and giving back to my local community.

I’d like to end this short introduction by sharing with you my personal philosophy: We should be grateful and strive to be a better human being by radiating loving kindness each and every day. Live everyday like it is your last, and have no regrets.
MIHM-Tell us a little bit about you, where are you from and what inspired you to pursue a career in the negotiation, business planning, coaching, sales and beauty fields?
MC-I’m from Penang, Malaysia but have lived in Berkeley, California for over 30 years (see my Biography).

MIHM-You have a prominent career as a Finance Manager at Mercedes-Benz. Tell us more.
MC-I am a Finance Manager at Mercedes Benz for 10 years. and in the same field for over 20 years (see my LinkedIn).

MIHM-You support and do a lot of volunteering for charity and giving back to the community. Tell us more about this.
MC-I’m very blessed and honored to be able to carry my beloved sister’s torch by giving back to society. Be compassionate and strive to be a better human every single day.

MIHM-If you could work with somebody you admire, celebrity, politician, musician, leader or anybody else who would it be and why?
MC-I always admired OPRAH WINFREY from the very first time she did her show. She is not only a powerful woman but she is like a goddess of MANKIND.

She is my role model and my inspiration to be able to dream BIG and give back so much to the WORLD.

In fact, I emailed her for an impossible dream to be interviewed by her after I was Crowned Mrs. Classique Globe 2020. Of course, it would be a miracle and dream come true for me if that ever happens.
MIHM-You are Mrs. Classique Globe 2020 and Mrs. Globe Best Family Values Award. Tell us about that experience.
MC-I was scouted by Mrs. Globe organization through Facebook to join the Pageant in 2020 (Please see my interview on YOUTUBE – “IN HER OWN CROWN”)

MIHM- How are you dealing with the quarantine and current pandemic?
MC-With the Pandemic, it certainly affected the world with hardships and many sad families who have lost their loved ones. I’m very blessed in a way that my window of opportunity opened up and allowed me to join the Pageant despite of COVID

We followed protocol and practiced social distancing with strict measures and were able to stay safe and healthy (see my interview with P.O.W.E.R Membership Club on Pageantry despite of COVID).
MIHM-Define what success means to you?
MC-SUCCESS is when you accomplished what your goals were, It means you put your heart and soul in it and do it with passion not taking the path of least resistance but opening yourself to new challenges that enable you to grow and develop mentally, spiritually and professionally. Goals equals success and by achieving your goals you can be a successful human being.

MIHM-How can people reach you, do you have social media, website, etc.
MC-My website:
Instagram: choy.marilyn
Facebook and LinkedIn: Marilyn Choy

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