My Movie MOVIE

Based on a true story.


In this movie, guests are expected… to die 


Growing up in California a shy, friendless young kid aspires to become a filmmaker as he reaches adulthood,  he turns psychopathic and unleashes his revenge killing spree after being humiliated by his classmates and father for many years.

One of the better Hollywood Productions companies Magic Image Productions are working on the pre-production of their next movie the thriller “My Movie”.

We can’t wait for this new amazing movie to start filming soon, we know this company previous movies have been amazing and fun to watch.

We heard some amazing actors are joining the cast and we can’t wait to see the final product and we will keep you posted about this unique movie.

This movie has a great message about discrimination, bullying, racism and love, also how to overcome adversities and beat the odds as an underdog making a change in the world!

Produced by Magic Image Productions, Joss Gomez, The Queen Solecito Vazquez, Ricardo Miranda.

Directed by Award winner Joss Gomez.

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