Tina Kovic. Get to know Actress, Model and Beauty Queen

Tina Kovic. Get to know Actress, Model and Beauty Queen  


MIHM-Tell us a little bit about you, where are you from and what inspired you to pursue a career in the entertainment industry?
TK- I come from a small town on the coastline of Croatia, Šibenik. When I was around ten years old, I started acting in theatre and my love for performing grew up there. I still remember traveling around and the feeling you get while entering the stage, I love it even more today. After nine years I moved to study ecology at the University of Zadar, where I began modeling, dancing and acting small roles for movies which filmed in Croatia. I worked part time at that moment for a lady which later invited me to join the Miss World Croatia competition, which was really amazing. Afterwards, like a domino effect, I went to Miss Europe Continental UAE held in Dubai.


MIHM-You went to Prague, Czech Republic for an exchange program, tell us about it.
TK- When I was at my second year at university, I applied for an Erasmus+ exchange student program in Prague, Czech Republic. All these people I met, different cultures, languages, it really helped me to become more open and braver. I remember how good it felt having classes on English together with a multicultural group. It was one more challenge in life that helped me to grow, as a person and as a student. I definitely recommend it to anyone that can. Roaminga.

MIHM- You participated in Miss World Croatia year 2019, how was that experience?
TK- Miss World Croatia was kind of a shock for me, positively speaking. I was really a shy kid before, and all of that helped me to really embrace who I am, to just be myself and to be confident in what I do. I did act before on stage, but it is a quite different feeling when you play a certain role and when you walk a line and have to just be your best self in front of others. It really helped me grow braver in general. Organization was also really nice, we were like a family there, which was a huge advantage and I have to say I am definitely glad I participated. It opened up so many doors for me.

MIHM- You also participated in Miss Europe Continental UAE, tell us more.
TK- Later on, when I went to the Miss Europe Continental UAE, walking a show felt more natural. Like in everything in life, the more you do something, the better you get and the easier it gets. I met so many nice women that competed there and those that organized that whole competition. The funny thing is that out of all these girls none were self-centered or narcissist like many would maybe think. We were all like a group of friends there, helping each other behind the stage and that friendship is really what made it such a good time. Also, it was my first time in Dubai!

MIHM-Who have been your biggest mentors in your career?
TK- I didn’t really have a biggest mentor in my career, but I had a lot of people that helped me and taught me day to day. I believe whoever you meet can teach you something, if you just listen. Looking at others, how they do things and with how much passion really helped.
MIHM- What are your hobbies and goals for 2020?
TK- My hobbies and goals for 2020. Would definitely include finishing my degree, in the first place. Also, working more and striving better on my passions. I have already few projects on mind so many of my days are already booked out. I haven’t acted for some time now and I really miss it, so maybe it is time this year to do something about that to. I started doing my music also, on an old guitar my father gave to my mom as a present back in the days when they first started dating. Years on, my sister inherited it, and then me, finally. I usually like singing and playing in the morning to just start up my day feeling really awesome.

MIHM-What other projects are you working on right now?
TK- I am working currently on finishing my degree and music, as I said. I am learning more and more about the modeling world I got into, where K.K. Production, Hollywood really helped me to get involved in great projects. Also, acting and having my business on the side. I produce my own skin care products, which is also really fun and fulfilling thing to do. Funny story, it started years ago when I couldn’t find a proper oil for the face and body. I used to buy all the things at small markets we traditionally hold every now and then in the different cities around Croatia. It is a cute space where all this people (usually grandmas) sell their own products which are usually not in the commercial markets. And I remember one year I was late and left without my favorite product, and that is when I came up with an idea to make my own. My family has a piece of land between the old town of Šibenik and National park Krka where are few old houses my great great grandparents used to live. Behind is an olive yard and a lot of free space where I planted some medicinal herbs. I love that my room smells so nice, and using natural products, being creative and being your own producer, manager and a chemist is a really fun thing!

MIHM-Define what success means to you?
TK- Success means being on top of the game in what you love, being the best you can and feeling happy about it. Being a part of community and helping others has a huge meaning in life in general, so that is also what success means. Being able to contribute, to make a difference or impact in this world. We have so much power as individuals and as a community, and we should strive to make this a better place.

MIHM-How can people reach you, do you have social media, website, etc.
TK- I don’t have my website yet, but that is also one of the plans for the 2020. Currently I am on social media, Tina.Kovich on Instagram, which is my main page and on Facebook I can be found as Tina Kovic.

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