Noom, an evil extraterrestrial from the dark side of the Moon, comes to Earth looking for a beautiful human female with whom to have a hybrid child, in order to control our minds and bodies while they live Among Us; he will not stop for anything, even murder and mayhem. A human called Joss is at the right place at the wrong time, and will face Noom and try to stop him before it is too late.

Joss Gomez
Solecito Vazquez
Mizo Ghendar
Mayra Munoz
Maryna Sokolovska
Guillermo Alifraco
Karina Ayrapetova
Claudiu Raymond
Javier Rivas
Mark Savier
Scotty Marshall
Directed By
Joss Gomez
Produced By
Joss Gomez
Solecito Vazquez
Joahnna Kaplan
Carlos Gomez
Cesar Gomez


Magic Image productions

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