DESPINA MIROU A beauty icon & world’s most extraordinary talented actress!



A beauty icon & world’s most extraordinary talented actress!

The exotic talented young actress, writer, Stand -Up Comedian and astronomer Despina Mirou, can transform herself in so “many faces”! She has the sensual beauty of Marylin Monroe, and the comedy talent of Lucille Ball. A unique mix! Until now we have delighted to watch Despina on many established American TV channels, in HBO, Showtime, and Netflix. In 2021 she participated in Ridley Scott’s movie ‘Life in a day’, in 2021 she plays two of the most iconic Hollywood actresses in two new British films: Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor. She started her career in American films with the legendary Peter Bogdanovich, and only for 2021 she had ready nine future films, drama and comedy both. Between them she plays near Catherine Deneuve, Eddie Izzard, John Cleeze, Faye Dunaway! She received a “White House award” for an excellent innovation in 2013, she received two more awards as a “Best stand-up comedy actress”. The same time she plays in the biggest comedy clubs in USA, NASA honored her with a distinction for her study about an asteroid. Despina holds a degree in Planetary Astronomy and Film Comedy directors. In 2020-21 she received 5 more awards and one more honorable distinction when UNESCO asked her to become theater director in 35 countries. It was expected if one takes into account that Al Pacino was her acting teacher. The multi-talented actress continues her going up career in the USA and the Americans, showing her their love in many ways.

MIHM-Ms. Mirou tell us about your great collaboration with legendary Ridley Scott and Kevin MacDonald in their new film!
DM-I feel a huge honor working with such a legend. I was thrilled when Ridley Scott chose me, and I am participating in his new film, as an actress. It was my first directing debut! I am so incredibly excited to be included in this EPIC film ‘Life in a day”, directed by Kevin MacDonald, another Oscar-winner with “The last king of Scotland”. They chose me between 424.000 videos, from 196 countries. I spent 24 hours to shoot the lines, and I sent to them 45 videos that I played as Despina, and also, I impersonated Marilyn, Lucille Ball, Elton John, etc. On January 21 we had a private screening and a zoom meeting where I talked with them. The film seeks to be a time capsule mosaic during a pandemic distress. Our Premiere was at the “Sundance film Festival”! I wanna say a huge thank to Ridley Scott, an established drama director who valued me in comedy and directing.


MIHM- Ms. Mirou, tell us about HBO, NETFLIX, and other established channels that you played?
DM-My first appearance in American TV was when I did stand-up at the New York Comedy club, and the show aired on HBO. Later, I played on HBO drama TV series ‘Show me a Hero”, directed by the charismatic Paul Haggis. It was an amazing experience. I was on Showtime drama film “A Mother’s Sacrifice”. In 2019 I participated on NETFLIX comedy series ‘On My Block”, directed by Tommy Maddox, the DP of Spike Lee!

MIHM- You are a master in comedy impersonations and you received 2 comedy awards as Best Comedy actress. Tell us about your Comic Celebrity Calendar 2021?
DM-I’m happy that the audience recognized my talent in comedy and honored me. Paradoxically, in the same period I have received two writing awards for drama! I have a strong passion for comedy and impersonations. First time I went on stage as Lucy Ball. Before that, I have done a lot of classical theater, including The Odd Couple by Neil Simon, Uncle Vanya by Chekhov, etc. I established a stand-up career at various comedy clubs. It was my dream to make this calendar “Stars-Celebrities 2021”. My calendar faces include: Melania Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Sofia Vergara, Ozzy Osbourne, Judge Judy, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, Eminem, Penelope Cruz, Ariana Huffington, David Bowie, Freddy Mercury, Jack Sparrow, Elton John, Lindsay Lohan. I dedicated this calendar in the loving memory of Robin Williams, my favorite comedian. I chose a funny line for every character to make it spicy. In this pandemic year, people need to laugh. This is my motto “Laugh is the best therapy and it is free”.

MIHM- Despina tell us for your film British “Affairs on Capri” that you portrayed the one and only Elizabeth Taylor!
DM-I am thrilled to play Liz Taylor’s unique character. It was a huge honor because I admired her as an actress. The director Paul Wiffen discovered me in a Comedy Club in London in 2019, when I demonstrated a Stand-up show, where I impersonated Ozzy. He approached me after my show, and told me that he was looking for a Liz Taylor character. Then I started to talk to him and behave like Liz Taylor. He was impressed, and I took the role without casting. The film shows her passionate affair with Burton. Ed Ward played Richard Burton. I performed Liz in the beginning of her legendary movie as Cleopatra where she met Burton and fell in love. My preparation for the role of Elizabeth Taylor has been meticulous (biography, films). I impersonated her in comedy clubs.
MIHM- What about the film “So long Marianne ” that you played the amazing Sophia Loren?
DM-Some producers saw some scenes of mine as Liz Taylor in the Pinewoods Studio, in London and they got very interested in me. The casting director Suzanne Kendal invited me to play one of the most recognizable figures in history: Sophia Loren. She sent me the script which was based on Sophia’s film ‘The Boy on a Dolphin”. When I sent my tapes, she wrote back to me: “Despina you have gone above and beyond! And your talent and ability to play Sophia Loren shines through brightly”. I felt such excitement to play Sophia! We started shooting in Hydra on the same island of the original “Boy on the Dolphin” in 1957. I sang the song “What is this they call it love” as Sophia did. I had already mediterranean temperament, and I am fighter like her.

MIHM- The IMDB lists you as the sexiest and talented actress, you are between Bellucci and Jolie! How do you feel about it?
DM-As Oscar Wilde said: “Beauty is just five minutes long if you don’t have anything else to sustain that curiosity”! I believe talent is more important than beauty. Talent makes people look beautiful.

MIHM- How was your experience working alongside Faye Dunaway?
DM- I was honored to work with Faye Dunaway in the drama action film “American Connection”. She is a living legend; I feel very lucky. I played a very interesting character; a spy-nun agent.

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