Film, Fashion, Polo, Finance Come Together To Launch ‘Celebrating Life LA’

ON July 30, 2022, at the legendary Bella Vista Polo Ranch in Santa Barbara, “Celebrating Life” ( had its extravagant debut with a flamboyant event, international guests and media. The innovative company creates global events and exclusive experiences, creating a kaleidoscopic way to unite business, entertainment, fashion, finance, music and sports. Award winning producer, Valentina Castellani, of Quinn Studios Entertainment (, Lan Trshirky of and Gilles David of Pierre Cardin ( have come together to rethink business and created a template of how to celebrate life, give back and create connection between worlds that by tradition have been always been separated.

Movies and entertainment are nowadays the most impactful platform to convey an idea, to change prospective, to address people; Hollywood has acquired a very important space also in finance and business nowadays. When you bring together these inventive minds, the stage is set to think outside the box with no limits, and execute a grand vision. The new Company will set its base in Los Angeles and also in Davos Switzerland, where together with Lan Trshirky, they will create an innovative program at LAN Space, in occasion of the World Economic Forum in January 2023. Lan Trshirky with LAN Space will bring for the first time at W.E.F. not only business and finance, but also film, entertainment, fashion and sport.

The event in Santa Barbara saw celebrities from the sports world such as Terrell Owens, Byron Chamberlain and Angel McCoughtry, together with executives of Sony and Netflix, producers and Hollywood actors. During the press conference, Castellani, together with David announced a design collaboration with Terrell Owens for a new exciting sports collection. The re-Launching of the iconic French designer Pierre Cardin in the U.S. was one of the highlights of the conference. The new collection is still in production, but exquisite samples were given in the luxurious gift bags as a teaser.

The Polo Game led by Francesco Mitrano, president of the Monte Carlo Polo Federation, set the pace for the “Great Gatsby” enchanted atmosphere, followed by the Kiki Wang fashion show.

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