Top Specialist in Buccal Fat Removal Shares Hollywood’s Best Secret

Dr. John Mesa, MD, FACS – Top Specialist in Buccal Fat Removal Shares Hollywood’s Best Secret

By Jules Lavallee 

Dr. John Mesa is a Harvard-trained, triple fellowship-trained plastic surgeon who is known for his extraordinary surgical techniques and stunning results.

His specialty is cosmetic plastic surgery for mostly for all neck up procedures but also does procedures for neck, breasts, and body. He is known for delivering premier, individualized care and for achieving consistently beautiful, natural-looking results. He is most famous for Buccal Fat removal a procedure becoming increasingly popular. All of Dr. Mesa’s ‘neck up’ procedures are done with local versus general anesthesia making the risk and healing process much easier for patients.

Dr. Mesa has had extensive fellowship training at top educational institutions, including Harvard. His strong credentials have given him a unique set of skills for cosmetic plastic surgery. Born and raised in Colombia, he brings the warmth and care of the Latin culture to his practice, and he is known for providing personalized care in custom plastic surgery.

He is dedicated to ensuring his patients look and feel their best, and with newfound confidence, are better able to achieve their personal, social, and professional goals. He is bi-lingual and serves his clientele in his NY and Miami offices.

While Buccal Fat Removal continues to rise in popularity online and in Hollywood, Dr. John Mesa offers his expertise and incomparable knowledge on the ever-trending procedure, which involves the removal of fullness from the cheeks, helping clients achieve a supermodel-like look. As one of the top specialists in Buccal Fat Removal in the nation, Dr. Mesa is unrivaled in his ability to act as a top resource on Buccal Far Removal. He can provide the most up-to-date information on all things Buccal Fat Removal, including what it is, who it is meant for, why it has grown in popularity, along with its potential risks and benefits, along with anything else you could ever want to know about Buccal Fat Removal.

Dr. Mesa literally wrote the book Atlas Of Operative Craniofacial Surgery, which is the#1 resource endorsed by the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons and the American Society of Craniofacial Surgeons, which he co-authored to teach other surgeons how to perform procedures on the face. This speaks to his unmatched expertise and knowledge of facial procedures.

Tell us about the latest trend in Buccal Fat Removal and the Chrissy Tiegen connection. 

The buccal fat removal procedure is becoming as trendy as the Brazilian Butt Lift did in recent years. Nowadays it has become even more popular after celebrity Crissy Tiegen confessed on camera (Instagram insories) that she achieved a chiseled facial look after undergoing buccal fat removal.  

Almost everybody wants to look face-wise like a celebrity or a model. That’s why contour makeup techniques or filter apps like FaceTune have become very popular. But those “solutions” are only temporary. Now with the revelation of Chrissy Teigen, people started to recognize even more that they can achieve a permanent chiseled face with buccal fat removal.

What is Buccal Fat Removal? Who is it meant for?

Buccal fat removal is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that removes the cheek fat, thus allowing the patient to achieve a thinner, more chiseled and sculpted look ( it removes the chubbiness and/or chubby smile). I commonly perform the procedure under local anesthesia ( outpatient) . Recovery is minimal, generally associated with mild post surgical swelling. Results start becoming noticeable by the third week post op. Final results are seeing after twelve weeks post op.

All your “neck up” procedures are done with local general anesthesia. What can we expect? 

Patients interested in undergoing cosmetic procedures from the “neck up” under local anesthesia can expect a painless and safer procedure with faster recovery since all the risks and side effects associated with general anesthesia or twilight sedation like nausea, vomiting, and tiredness,etc. are completely avoided.  

Why is this procedure so popular? 

Buccal fat removal has been secretly very popular among celebrities, TV/movie stars, and models. To my knowledge, no celebrity has admitted to undergoing this procedure to achieve a chiseled/sculpted face until Chrissy Tiegen did a few weeks ago. That’s why I always told my patients that Buccal Fat Removal, in my opinion, has been one of the best-kept secrets about plastic surgery in Hollywood.

Buccal fat removal  started to become very popular because through social media, people started to realize that this plastic surgery procedure would allow them to permanently achieve a celebrity and/or model-like chiseled facial look. Now after the confession of Chrissy Tiegen about her undergoing buccal fat removal, the procedure is even more popular. 

Who in Hollywood has done the Buccal Fat Removal? 

To my knowledge, the only Hollywood celebrity that has admitted that she underwent buccal fat removal to achieve a chiseled facial look so far is Crissy Teigen. In my professional opinion, a big percentage of Hollywood stars have secretly undergone this procedure to achieve a celebrity look. This statement is very easily confirmed by a simple google search. If somebody searches “celebrity x face before and after” ( of a celebrity that now looks very chiseled) and the before picture shows the celebrity’s face was chubbier before ( while having the same overall body weight) it is highly probable that that celebrity underwent buccal fat removal. 

How many procedures of Buccal Fat Removal have you done? 

On my busiest day, I perform up to eight (8) buccal fat removals. I do operate 4 times a week: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and one Saturday a month. I have been performing buccal fat removals since 2014, therefore the number of buccal fat removal procedures performed is now in the thousands.

As we move into the fall, what are some of the trends?

As we move into the Fall, the most common trends nowadays are combinations of surgical procedures with injectables to look their best for the holidays. Combinations of buccal fat removal and cheek fillers, chin liposuction and chin and jaw line fillers as well as combo buccal fat removal and chin liposuction with facial beautification (for women) or facial masculinization (for men) are the most common trends for the end of this year, especially since Chrissy Tiegen did reveal she underwent buccal fat removal plastic surgery to achieve her chiseled look.

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