Meet Director, Producer, Talent Manager, Casting Director and Actress Tammie Smith

Meet Director, Producer, Talent Manager, Casting Director and Actress Tammie Smith

Tammie was born in Birmingham, Alabama on November 3 and grew up in the city of Pelham. On the first day of seventh grade, she offered to share lockers with a new girl, Lisa Allen, at middle school just being the kindhearted person she is and not knowing it would change her future. Tammie showed Lisa around to her classes, introduced her to other students and made her feel welcome on what could have been the worst day of her life. Lisa ended up unbeknownst to Tammie, being the daughter of the owner of Elan/Elite Casablanca, one of the top modeling and acting schools in the 1980’s and still is today. The CEO/Director, Karen Allen, was so happy that her daughter Lisa was treated so well and made to feel welcome on her first day, when most children come home unhappy to be uprooted and placed in a new environment, that she contacted Tammie’s mother and offered Tammie classes in everything they taught, Tammie accepted. Tammie completed runway/still modeling, makeup application (MUA) and multiple acting training courses at Elan/Elite and Casablanca for six years in her teens and she was represented by them with Karen as her agent. She was also in the Band and Colorguard while in high school. She enjoyed anything in and around the water, ocean or pool, music, loves fishing and horseback riding. She had yearly vacations to the beach with family and trips to see family since a very young age where she would fish and ride horses while there with grandparents and relatives who had them.

Tammie then graduated from Pelham High School and obtained a 4 year BS Degree in Criminology in 3 years at Jacksonville State University where she majored in Forensic Science and minored in Law Enforcement. She studied forensic science, criminal law, statutory law, civil law, biology, anthropology, crime scenes, kinetic interviewing, law enforcement, psychology, sociology, child abuse, family counseling, social work, photography, accounting, financing, financial management, data analysis, security clearances, law and court orders both nationwide and international extensively among many others to expand her wide range of abilities before retiring from the field of criminology/civil service and beginning to create stories of what she had experienced on life’s journey to be made into books, scripts, screenplays and now, motion pictures. She was also a member of Phi Mu Fraternity (Treasurer), Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity (Little Sister) and Lambda Alpha Epsilon Fraternity (Criminal Justice) while in college. She continued with some projects in the entertainment and music industry while having a career outside of it but once she retired from it, she went back into the industry full time.

As one of the leaders in Film Production and Talent Management, Tammie sets the bar high for woman producers everywhere and is a member of “Women In Film”. Tammie learned how to manage and produce in the entertainment industry due to being around it for so many years. She wears multiple hats on sets being Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Unit Production Manager, 1st Assistant Manager and other roles multitasking all at the same time. She’s very efficient, multi-talented, can fill a cast and crew in less than two weeks and has been known to film a full length feature in a week with the set running smoothly including meticulous wardrobes, props and stunts. She takes in every bit of knowledge she learns and puts it to great use on future projects that she works to make even greater projects the next time. She has streamlined the process by building a worldwide team of incredible talent, the crème of the crop, together under her management including actors, directors, screenwriters, producers, cinematographers, editors, composers/musicians, and entire the production team and crew. She keeps a steady flow of award winning content coming in, working extremely hard to help everyone succeed along with her and treating people with the respect they deserve. Tammie brightens the day of others by making people smile and providing opportunities to entertainment professionals they otherwise might not be able to achieve. Her smile and laughs are contagious, and she’s a joy to have onset. She’ll continue giving hope to those around her by making a difference, so the world can be a better place.

Tammie is the CEO/Owner of Smith International Productions, Smith International Talent & Casting, SmithFlixx, Smith-Sound, and Smith-Awards, all of which are fully licensed companies which work internationally. Smith International Productions is a Motion Picture and TV Production Company with creative writing, fashion, entertainment and talent management as well as music and sound production. Under Smith International Talent & Casting, Tammie manages multiple clients in all areas of the film, fashion, literary and music entertainment industries. Under SmithFlixx and Smith International Productions, Tammie has production/distribution deals with multiple other companies, she has associations with many other companies and she is building her own film production/sound studios with her own team of professionals in all areas of cast and crew.

Some of the projects Tammie has worked on and recently completed include NCIS directed by LeVar Burton and “Bridge of the Doomed” an action horror thriller that was produced by Michael and Sonny Mahal, Executive Produced by Tammie Smith, Directed by Michael Su and starring Michael Pare, Robert LaSardo, Kate Watson and Tammie plays a lead role as a Zombie with a group of soldiers ordered to hold a bridge during a zombie outbreak. The production lasted 3 weeks and recently premiered in Las Vegas. Tammie was Executive Producer, Co-Producer and plays the role of MaggieMae on “Friday the 13th Vengeance 2: Bloodlines” which was filmed in Washington and is about to release. It stars Jason Brooks, C.J. Graham, Darcy DeMoss, Rob Mello, Tom McLoughlin and Richie Ramone. “Purse”, a triller sci-fi adventure about owning an evil purse which brings out the psycho twisted personality of Ella, was Executive Produced by Tammie Smith, written/directed by Ladon Whitmire and starring Eric Roberts, Jack McEvoy, Keri Smith, premiered in Atlanta, Ga recently and is now streaming on Xumo TV. Two Ren Says Films, directed by Catt Dahman, partially produced by Tammie Smith and Smith International Productions: “Sundown” is a retelling of the Phantom Killer who terrorized Texarkana, Arkansas, and Texas in 1946, that launched several urban legends.It imagines what happens when a small town is haunted, and every local is a potential victim. Jonathan A Streetzel, Craig Sapenoff, Pate Easterling, and Justin P Warren are a few of the stars; and “Clann” the cannibalistic clann is headed by Mama Love (Tish Jones-Hicks) and supporting actors: Marshall McIntosh, Justin P Warren, and nine-year-old actress Alvae Hays Easterling. Jon A Steetzel and Craig Sapenoff play the lead roles and turn in uncomfortable, intense performances with the ending. “Clann” delves into revenge, terror, rebirth and savagery.

Some of the projects Tammie is currently working on and are in pre-production include “The Lost Ship” being Powered by Sarthak Cinemas in association with Usamania Pictures and Smith International Productions.

Written and Directed by: Akksar Alamabadi and Akhil Gaurav Singh.

Executive Produced by Tammie Smith and Samantha Goldberg and filmed in multiple countries: Los Angeles, CA, Berlin, Germany, Moscow, Russia, Kolkata, Pondichery, Rameshvaram, Chennai and Hyderabad, India from November 2022 through February 2023. This Story begins in 1945 after mysterious deaths of Adolf Hitler and Subhash Chandra Bose. The Mystery ends in 2022 during Ukraine and Russia War. It’s an unpredictable travel through history, mystery, action and thrills.

Tammie Smith and Smith International Productions in association with Blue Ink Productions is producing a crime thriller in Australia and the US in 2023 called “Wolf” which is written by Sanet Smit. It’s a gripping story of love, loss, betrayal and redemption which starts as a typical romance story of an auto mechanic who falls for an attorney way out of his league.

Things go off the rails as anxiety, fear of losing her and financial pressure drive him into a world of crime, chaos and the drug ice. The cast includes Andy Sparnon, Anthony Miller, Warwick Comber, Wendy Spenser, and many more with Mariano Saulino who will compose the music. “Best of Us” is a tragic romantic movie dealing with Nika played by American Actress and Director Tammie Smith in a romantic pair with Indian Film Director and actor Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar who plays her husband. Hollywood actress Samantha Goldberg plays a pivotal role along with Indian producer and actress Rita Jhawar.

The movie deals with death, afterlife, and deep forever love. It is a crossover Film that will be shot mostly in USA and partly in India. Smith International Production, an American production company is jointly producing the movie with NEZ MOVING PIXELS, an India production company. “Unlawful Duties” is a crime drama Written by Sunil Kulkarni and Produced by Tammie Smith. “Imperial” is a English and Hindi language feature movie with the grandeur of pure Bollywood. This movie will be period drama as well as modern times as the story travels from historic to modern times. It deals with Indian Maharajas (Emperors) and reincarnation.

To be shot in multiple locations of India, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Prague and modern day New York. Helmed by Maverick Indian Maestro Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar and produced by Smith International Productions, it has gorgeous Hollywood actress/Director/Producer Tammie Smith and Hollywood beauty Samantha Goldberg in stellar roles that will see a great synergy between pure Hollywood and India. It will be a great chemistry between Indian maestro Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar and Hollywood Actresses Tammie Smith and Samantha Goldberg. Two projects written by Sue M. Swank and produced by Tammie Smith: “Through Jade’s Eyes” is about a psychic medium to cross paths with a head-strong detective on a murder case.

This story is a 5-season TV series with 13 episodes per season drama: and “Native Jane” is about the disappearance of a Native American woman exposes a dangerous web of mayhem, corruption, trafficking, deceit, murder and the meaning of “The Red Dress March”. “Gridiron Conspiracy” is a mystery thriller written by Christopher Paniccia and being produced by Tammie Smith which is based on the real-life elements of a professional football player who finds his life-long dream to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Tammie Smith is producing a trilogy written by Diane Thurgood which begins with “Angel Snow” where we meet Areo who decided to retire from rodeo bull riding and purchase a beautiful ranch outside of Wyoming.

He meets Callie, Areo’s guardian angel who must escort Areo to the throne upon his death. They fall in love but she is made a mortal woman, and is left pregnant with a child upon his death born in part two: Angel Child. With part three, “Angel Warrior”, we are shown the power of Areo as he is a tremendous help in saving innocent people and coming to the aid of the throne of God.

If I could work with someone I admire, there are so many people that I admire for their vast workings and celebrities in the industry that I would love to work with because I feel one can never stop learning, and growing through experience is the best method in my opinion. I’d like to work with Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Tyler Perry, Ron Howard, Greta Gerwig, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez and get the business advice of Elon Musk. Success means achieving a goal that you set for yourself that is higher than the one you had the day before and giving back more than you receive.

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