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Grace Cascarilla

Meet Actress, Painter and Model Grace Cascarilla.
Let see what she is all about.

MIHM-Tell us a little bit about you, where are you from and what inspired you to pursue a career in the art and the entertainment industry?
GC-My name is a Grace Victoria Marie Gerade Maloof Cascarilla and I was born in Cleveland Ohio. I’m in my 30’s. What inspired me to pursue a career in this industry is the many bad ass people that have inspired me and also the compelling feeling to entertain.

MIHM- You are a painter, actress and model, what makes your heart beat faster?
GC-I am a model, actress and painter. I went to SMFA TUFTS DUAL BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM and created some pieces that are timeless and museum worthy! What gets me up in the morning is perfecting my edge and really learning my craft I guess really having that eye for vision and beauty.

MIHM- You love to play tennis; did you ever think about turning pro and who is your favorite player?
GC-Truth be told I always wanted to be a professional Tennis player, I really needed my family behind me and sponsors, I was really struggling with a back and shoulder injury and I couldn’t make it come to pass. My favorite player is Maria Sharapova.

MIHM-If you could work with somebody you admire, celebrity, politician, musician, leader or anybody else who would it be and why?
GC-I truly find the mass conscious compelling and those stories we see reflected in media. I would love to work with a channel! As for political leader I have loved Trumps belief in the common man and we will see what comes of his administration.

MIHM- How are you dealing with the quarantine and current pandemic?
GC-Quarantine has been such a monopoly of the larger mass mis guidance I think we lack true appreciation for solid education that isn’t watered down by passivity. Quarantine is kicking my ass but I’m not sufficing with a couch and TV. I have to take risks and rise to the occasion.

MIHM-Define what success means to you?
GC-Success is the meaning that is a compilation that consists of the values and meanings of ideas.

MIHM-Who have been your biggest mentors in your career?
GC-My mentors are PROMODELANDTALENT as of recently taking me on in there training program and also my longtime tennis coach Vicki Nelson.

MIHM-What other projects are you working on right now?
GC-I’m working on my dancing learning the groove all those fancy tricks that are serious fun! I’m working currently on magazine editorial shoots and expanding my portfolio of acting and modeling images. I’m always keeping in touch with my tennis game and all that jazz! It has motivated me to eat healthy and recover!

MIHM-How can people reach you, do you have social media, website, etc.
GC-The best way to reach me is through my managers @unik.models @xlntmodels @promodelandtalent and of course my Instagram @grace.cascarilla.

I’d like to tell my fans that we are one population stronger together with more culture.

Just a little more about me: I love the entertainment industry for the inspiration and compelling stories, the art of movies, song and dance bring to my soul, I am forever inspired by music, rhythm, blues, jazz. Blues like Picasso never afraid to paint. Paint with the light, paint with sound, paint with the finesse of my strong convictions. There is a sense in this world I am now leaning more toward something bullet proof. I love the hypnosis of something melodic/movement/beauty dance/something edgy!

Just now learning inversions, but I’m going to get this thing I have my eye on the landing. I guess you could say I’m girl of many trades, but that makes me versatile and difficult to type cast. As a kid I played a lot of tennis, I was like ok! I’m going to be the next big thing (top in the nation) 50 national ranking always liked Andre Agassi thought Jennifer Capriati had real talent now I’m just getting back on the court I can see a whole new way of playing!

My coach is insisting I get back out there and make it to Wimbledon it would take an act of god for sure to go pro now! now I look up to people whoever I feel has something relevant to say I don’t have particular politician musician I guess I really feel like the image people portray and the people are very stark contrasts but somehow Steve Jobs remains to be someone I admire as well as traditional bombshells like Marilyn Monroe now I really favor anyone with real skill like Meryl Streep or Brad Pitt isn’t an eye soar! I think they are a handful of really great inspirers out there; I love Gal Gadot in WW, for me it remains to be seen what will come of me but for sure I will not pacify myself or be pacified with some knock off lifestyle.

Some of my Talents and accomplishments:
2nd in state girls Tennis.
National Awards for my Art.
Top nationally ranked Tennis player.
Professional tour, I didn’t have sponsors so I went back to my art.
Auctioned work for Cleveland museum of Art proceeds went to the rebuilding of the thinker the Rodin well known sculpture.
Tufts University school of the museum of fine arts background.

More recently:
Dancing and modeling for @promodelandtalent
@manikin @xlntmodels @unikmodels @arsenic
2 Awards, one for commercial print 4th place international Award.
Medal for recognition Kayla Speicher boudoir photography.
Published in Luiza Lux Paris magazine.
Thanks to Kristoff Lewandowsky.

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