Meet Actress, Producer, and Entrepreneur, Bruna Rubio!


Meet Actress, Producer, and Entrepreneur, Bruna Rubio!

MIHM-Tell us a little bit about you, where are you from and what inspired you to pursue a career in the entertainment and business industries?
BR-I was born and raised in Spain but I moved to America 18 years ago when I was 20.

My father worked making commercials in Spain so I was very young when I found love for the entertainment world. I have always been a go-getter type so I knew nothing would stop me.

MIHM-You are the Owner at Gold heart Film Studio. Tell us about it.
BR-Yes, I created my company GOLDHEART PRODUCTIONS 9 years ago and I also opened my own movie studio GOLDHEART FILM STUDIO. I have been an actress and TV host all my life, but 9 years ago I felt like I needed to create content to make a difference in the industry as an immigrant and minority, it’s hard to be a woman in Hollywood but even harder to be a Latina that doesn’t look Latina hehe!

MIHM-You are a TV host, Actress and a Producer. What makes your heart beat faster?
BR-My life is a fast speed action movie! I wear so many hats every day that my heart is always beating fast. Most people wouldn’t believe all that I do every day. But I just love everything I do and I believe in myself and won’t allow anything to stop me. Life is too short and I learned that the hard way.

MIHM-What do you think about THE lack of diversity in Hollywood and what can you do to change that?
BR-Thank God Hollywood is changing a little bit but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. Minorities are still not represented correctly and women still have no voice. I am creating a lot of content to represent women and to show women kick butt in society. One of the TV series I am creating represents that.

MIHM-If you could work with somebody you admire, celebrity, politician, musician, leader or anybody else who would it be and why?
BR-I admire a lot of talented men and women and I think there is so much to learn in this world that it’s hard to pick one. But if I have to pick one it will be Patty Jenkins or Cathy Yan. They are both such talented directors that it would be so amazing to work with them.

MIHM- How are you dealing with the quarantine and current pandemic?
BR-I am very much a stress-free type of person. I don’t let things get me upset because I have learned that life is too short by losing my parents in a car accident at a young age. So, I look at the pandemic as a lesson to learn and as a moment to think and become the best version of yourself. I actually did well in these difficult, weird times.

MIHM-Define what success means to you.
BR-Success to me is finding happiness, wherever that is for you, your work, your family, etc.

Success to me means to do what I love and make a living out of it.

MIHM-What other projects are you working on right now?
BR-I am in a very good moment in my life, I have many amazing projects that I am so proud of. During the pandemic I’ve finished my miniseries NEVAEH and the feature film TIGRE CALLEJERO. And I am so excited for those two to come out very soon. Right now, I am in pre-production of a horror movie with the amazing Director Ben Peyser, it’s a movie idea I had a long time ago and it’s now being born. We are filming in October. I also signed a deal with Plano a Plano in Spain to do my TV series Vampiras. This has been my baby for so long and I am super excited.

And last but not least, I filmed a very exciting action short film in Barcelona with Director Ivan Mulero called LAS PARCAS created by Maricielo Pájares. I am super happy to announce that I am a producer and actress on it. We will be starting pre-production next year for the feature film version with a great cast like Santiago Segura and many more.

MIHM-How can people reach you, do you have social media, website, etc.
BR-You can find my Instagram @brunarubio and my movie studio Instagram @goldheartfilmstudiohollywood

For all the upcoming projects you can check my production website at

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