Meet Professor, Autism Activist, Model and Beauty Queen, Dr. Sujata Kapoor!

Dr. Sujata Kapoor is an academician with more than a decade of teaching and research experience with premiere B schools in India. She has earned B. Com (Hons), M. Com, MBA and PhD degrees from prestigious institutes in India. She is an avid researcher and her research interests includes Behavior Finance and Corporate Finance. Currently, she is serving as an Area Chair (Finance) with a premier Business school in India and handles basic and advance courses in Finance. She is also Program Director of BBA program being run by the same Business school.

She is the first Indian women to write a very comprehensive text book in area of Behavioral Finance. She has to her credit various international publications (ABDC category). She has also done path breaking research in the field of Behavior Finance. She is a model by passion, very fond of dancing, eye makeup and personal styling. She also runs a YouTube channel by the name of ‘Samvednayein’ with good subscriber base. She has the honor of winning National title Mrs. Asia Charity 2021 and vying for Mrs. United Nations 2021 in the world finals. She has won the title of first runner up at SuperMom2019 and crowned as Mrs. India Renaissance at Mrs. India International Queen 2020.

Personally, she is a chosen parent to a special child Visharda who is diagnosed on autism spectrum disorder. An autism activist, she is a strong believer of the fact “Be the change you wish to see in the society”. Her motto in life is to create awareness about Autism and ensure that all the special children can lead a life with dignity. She strives to make the world understand that Autism is not synonymous to intellectual disability and working relentlessly to increase the acceptance of special children in the society. She has also started an initiative by the name of “Samvednayein” with a three pronged focus- Acceptance, awareness and rehabilitation of autistic children. Under the umbrella of Samvednayein, she organizes talent shows for special children to provide them a platform to showcase their talents absolutely free of any charge.

MIHM-Tell us a little bit about you, where are you from and what inspired you to pursue a career in the teaching, Beauty and Modeling fields?
SK-I am a typical Punjabi, born, bought up in a Punjabi Family in India. I have done B. Com (Hons), M. Com from Delhi University, India. I have also earned MBA (Finance) and PhD degrees from prestigious institutes in India. I am an academician, an avid researcher, a beauty pageant winner, I am a model by passion and very fond of dancing. I am a perfect Gemini and believe versatility and creativity is greatest gift God has bestowed upon me. Whatever I do, I do with cent percent conviction.

Opray Winfrey said “Honor your calling. Everybody has one. Trust your heart and success will come to you.” And I follow this with my heart and soul. My passion energizes me to perform diverse roles and pursue varied careers.

MIHM-You are an academician with more than a decade of teaching and research experience with premiere B schools in India, what made you chose this interesting field.
SK-As a child I was very good in academics. I always had the inclination to know more delve deep inside the topics of my interest. I possess good communication and writing skills and bestowed with people’s skill. Good academic background, research orientation all lead me to venture in the field of academics and research. I have the habit of always asking a question “why”. The tendency to seek answer to question “why” combined with curious mind made me successful in research also. I am blessed to receive lot of appreciation for my research at the international level.

MIHM-You are the first Indian women to write a very comprehensive text book in the area of Behavioral Finance, tell us about it.
SK-I wrote my PhD thesis in the area of corporate Finance. Gradually, my interest aroused in Behavior Finance which is very niche and emerging field. Behavioral finance is the study of the psychological influences of the decision-making process for individuals, groups, and organizations. Behavioral finance explains why individuals are not always rational decision-makers This field caught my attention and I started doing research in it. I realized there was a vacuum in India in terms of a comprehensive text book in this area, which I thought of filling by writing a book. I am fortunate that book has been well received not only in India but also in UK and USA.

MIHM-You have participated and won a lot of different beauty pageants, tell us about your experience in this field.
SK-My first pageant was Supermom 2019 where I became first runner up and was bestowed with ‘Best mother and child bonding’ title. Supermom ignited my interest to walk on ramp and I joined Mrs. India International Queen 2020. There I was crowned Mrs. India Renaissance 2020. I have been appointed National title of Mrs. Asia Charity 2021 and Mrs. United Nations 2021 in November 2021. It was my childhood dream to walk on the ramp. Additionally, I needed a platform to unlock my hidden potential and create awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder, and I could not have fetched better opportunity. Pageants have given big boost to my self-esteem. They helped me to earn lot of respect in the society and increased my confidence manifolds. They have empowered me to work more strongly for the cause I support.

MIHM-If you could work with somebody you admire, celebrity, politician, musician, leader or anybody else who would it be and why?
SK-This question is one of the most difficult question to answer as there so many actors and leaders I admire and it is indeed a herculean task to choose one of them.
I think anybody who becomes a celebrity, musician, leader or a politician has their own strengths and each one them works hard to reach to pinnacle of their career. Both Hollywood and Bollywood are blessed with many talented actors, musicians. I have huge list on my mind. I want to raise myself to that level that any celebrity expresses their desire to work with me. I strongly believe, “No dream too big.” Provided you work for it.

MIHM- You are the chosen parent to a special child Visharda who is on autism spectrum disorder, tell us about this more.
SK-I have a seven years old daughter. She has been diagnosed on Autism spectrum disorder. She is my biggest inspiration and motivation in life. She has taught me empathy and how to find happiness in trivial things of life. Each one of us is a unique creation of God. Being a parent to special child I understand the challenges and struggles of special parents. Therefore, I have started an initiative by the name of name of “Samvednayein” with a three-pronged focus- Acceptance, awareness and rehabilitation of autistic children. Under the umbrella of Samvednayein, I organize talent shows for special children to provide them a platform to showcase their talents absolutely free of any charge. There is lot to be done for autistic children in India to ensure their acceptance in the society. Through my initiative I may not be able to bring a sea change but can create ripples in the sea to bring the change.

MIHM- How are you dealing with the quarantine and current pandemic?
SK-Covid -19 has posed challenges for everyone across the globe and, for India it was even more difficult particularly bearing the jolt of second wave. The last one and half years have been a topsy turvy ride for Indian population. However, Lockdown was a blessing in disguise for me as I got more time to spend with my daughter Visharda. I became more active on social media. I could connect with many people all across the world. I became cover girl for many international magazines and the biggest achievement is to be on the cover page of this Hollywood magazine.

MIHM-Define what success means to you?
SK-I am in competition with myself. I strive to be better than who I was yesterday. I set my own standards and work hard to surpass them. I believe in hard work as shortcuts in life always fetch temporary success. The most important thing is however high you may soar, never forget your roots and stay grounded in life. Never lose your individuality. Success for me is doing deeds that you become evergreen in the memory of people. I strongly believe “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

MIHM-What other projects are you working on right now?
SK-I am really looking forward to Mrs. United Nations 2021 where I will be representing India. Apart from this my focus in strengthening ‘Samvednayein’ as an initiative. My target is to help more and more special children under the umbrella of ‘Samvednayein’. I have been getting many offers for short films, web series, music albums but looking for lucrative project to venture into acting. However, it’s my childhood dream to be part of Hollywood movies. So, anyone after reading this interview finds my talent worthy may feel free to contact me and help make my dream come true.

MIHM-How can people reach you, do you have social media, website, etc.
SK-I am available on Facebook and Instagram. I also run a YouTube channel by the name of my initiative “Samvednayein”. My social media handle links are:
Facebook: Sujata Kapoor Kalra
Instagram: sujatakapoor98

Media Appearances:
· Successfully organized Talent show under the umbrella of Samvednayein for autistic and normal children. The show has been exclusively covered by Delhi News 24*7 and TV 20, Pratipaksh Samvad, Sach Ki Pukar, Vikas Bharat and Saksham India news channels. The show got coverage in national Hindi newspaper “Welcome India” ,“Hind Aatma” and news portal the
· Exclusive coverage by Danik Haripur Digital edition.
· Exclusive coverage and interview by National Hindi newspapers “Welcome India” and “Sanskar Dhani Today”
· Exclusive interview done by crown and sashes magazine (video and print)
· Exclusive interview published (Issue 125) by World Class Beauty Queens magazine by World Class Brand Publishing
· Exclusive interview published in WOMEN POWER April 2021 edition of Lifestyle magazine.
· Exclusive interview with National news channel “Delhi News Express”.
· Special Guest at Ramita Taneja chat show “Kya Baat Hai.Kuch Khaas Hai” Season 2 telecasted by Ten News which a National news channel.
· Special Guest at Ahaan news Pvt Ltd for the show “Ek Khaas Mulaquat”. Interviewed by Bureau head and anchor Chandan Chaube.
· Got media coverage in National Newspapers Danik Bhaskar (Hindi) and Indian Horizon (English) for outstanding contribution to society.

· Done exclusive interviews with Taaza Bulletin and Saksham India which are again national news portals.
· Special coverage in national language by national newspapers “Pehal Today” and “Sanskar Dhani”
· Judged a Modelling event in the month of February 2021.
· Done magazine shoot for Red Elixir Pvt. Ltd and YRR brand
· Success story has been exclusively published and promoted by
· Bestowed with “Woman of the Decade” award at India’s Nation pride award 2021
· Crowned as Show stopper at India’s Nation pride award 2021 organized by YRR.
· Crowing as Showstopper has been exclusively covered by “Daily Hunt”, “Janmat Today” “Yours news” and “”
· Walked as show opener and show stopper at several Fashion runways.
· Did a calendar shoot “Class and Style Calendar 2021”
· Cover girl for Magic Image Hollywood Magazine for August ’21 issue. Exclusive interview to be published by Magic image Hollywood Magazine
· First Indian woman to be the cover queen of World class Queens of India Magazine.
· Cover girl for lifestyle magazine (Indian edition) July 15 2021 issue. Exclusive video interview done by Life style magazine.
· Cover girl for High Fashion international magazine (July 2021 USA edition). Exclusive interview published by High fashion Magazine.
· Success story to be published by Buzz Magazine, a high-end Moroccan Fashion Magazine.

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